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Killer DM: The End of the Caves of Chaos

The foot locker was jerked off the floor and inelegantly swung back and forth as unthinking creatures carried it into the hallway. The chest was dropped roughly to the sound of breaking bones. The lid was opened, and Glibleaf feared what stood above. “Come, look,” said a human voice outside of the box. “See what is to become of your noble friend…and of you.” Glibleaf was grabbed and jerked to his feet by one of the hideous zombies; the spark of intelligence which shined out of their eyes was enough to make any elf crazy. Glibleaf turned to his left, where a priest in black and purple robes was crouched over the body of Galagaron, his traveling companion. Galagaron awoke as the priest finished his spell. In pain from his many wounds, Galagaron still tried to reach for his weapon, but a large undead gnoll stood on top of it. “See, any hedge-necromancer can raise a skeleton or a zombie out of a dead body. Those of us with power and understanding raise our undead from the livi

Snow-Conundrum Resolved

I had previously expressed somewhat of a conundrum I was in regarding which version of WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay to run at the upcoming gaming convention. This question has been resolved by my gaming group, the d5. For my birthday, the group got together, pooled their Wayne-like resources together, and bought me the newest edition of WarHammer. This is the same edition that I ranted about before on here. However, I figured this would give me an honest chance to get to know the game, play it with the group in preparation, and run it at the convention. Then, and only then, should I have an honest opinion of the game itself. I have to this point been running on the opinion that WH3e would be a waste of my time due to the large amount of homemade material I have for WH1e. We shall see. I will be man enough to give an honest report when the time comes.


In case I haven't mentioned it yet, SnowCon is coming up. I'm looking forward to running WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) this year (I signed up to do it at last year's con). However, I do have this one problem. I play the original version of WFRP, or 1e, if you will. Unfortunately, that version is no longer supported. Supplies are hard to find, and when you do find them they are expensive (I'm still looking for the disposable income to purchase the Doomstones campaign from Amazon). If I run 1e and people love it, they would be hard pressed to start playing. If I run 2e, I need to get used to the updated system, and fast. I've read the handbook, decided some things are cool and somethings aren't, and put the book away. Like 1e, it does come with an adventure in the back, so running it might not be that hard. I just have to decide. Also, I've heard tell that 3e is in the works. How long will it be before 2e isn't supported anymore, either?

Dice for Christmas

I will be adding dice to my Christmas list for the first time ever. I own a good deal of dice already, and I never hesitate to buy dice when I want them, but how much better would it be to unwrap them on Christmas Morning? With a "Hoody hoo," and then roll them across the floor. Plus, these are some special dice, some different dice. I'm looking at Crystal Castle's Synthetic Opal 12mm Dwaven Stones. Also, thanks to Kenzerco, I can request d10,000! How many of your friends have these? I'm thinking of getting orange, kind of a fiery color. I might want purple, though...more noble or wizardly.

The Caves

Since you are no longer following an evil, deranged barbarian around the hillside, you notice that the trees in front of (cave K) are obscenely twisted and oddly bloated. The grass looks thin and brittle. During those short seconds when you're not moving and your armor isn't creaking, you think you can hear a faint moan coming from the cave. It is definitely the least inviting cave in this area.

September 7th, 2009: Wurld's Edge Ribsmashers at Hell's Pit Warplocks

Twenty-three thousand fans came to watch the game in perfect Blood Bowl weather. Here's the breakdown of our bloody game: First Half: 2: Reeluz Musksquirter (W) threw a completion to Cartdodger (W). 3: Cartdodger (W) scored a TD! 3: Rolok Horsemauler (R) got a casualty on Cartdodger (W). The gutter runner was badly hurt but will suffer no long term effects. 5: Yurt the Clanless (W) was ejected from the game for fouling a Ribsmasher. 8: Rolok Horsemauler (R) scored a TD! Second Half (began with a riot, but the clock was reset): 1: Ditz Long-whiskers (W) smashed his own ankle on a play trying to dodge by a couple Ribsmashers. 2: Fungus Lioneater (R) was ejected from teh game for fouling a Warplock. 3: Naz the Skulker (W) was blocked into the bloodthirsty crowd, which proceeded to fracture his ankle. The gutter runner will have to miss the next game. 3: Lagak Eyeripper (R) got a casualty on an unnamed Skaven journeyman. The poor slob fractured his leg and had no

Magic Item: Gloves of the Alteration Magi

These fire-red gloves quickly mold themselves to the wearer's hand and change color until they are indistinguishable from the wearer's skin. The gloves alter any Burning Hands spell cast through them. Instead of the caster's hands spread in front of him setting off a fan of fire, the caster can point his hands individually at any target(s) desired and send off a Scorcher spell. This altered spell causes 3d6 damage per hand to the target(s). The Scorcher spells send a straight jet of flame at the target(s) up to 25 feet away.

Magic Axe: Gorlandor

More on the magical weapon I created for our D&D 2e game: Forged by Regor Nikful, Dwarven Forgemaster, in dwarven centuries long gone, Gorlandor is a sentient blade which awaits a bloodthirsty follower of Tempus to awaken it. The axe’s metal haft has Regor’s personal rune engraved into it. When handled by a non-specialty priest of Tempus, the weapon is dull and heavy. It could be lost in the bowels of a dwarven treasure room for ages if not touched by the proper hands. In the hand of a Battleguard, the axe is perfectly balanced. Any such priest cleaning the weapon will uncover a shine to dull other magical weapons. This particular axe was found by Zorr Granitecleaver, a newly appointed Battleguard. When it came time for Zorr to head out into the world to propagate Tempus’s truth, the elders suggested that he take the axe with him. Currently unknown to Zorr is the sentience sleeping within. Soon the dwarf will face a threat that the axe deems worth to wake from its sleep

August 24th, 2009: Blitz of Styx at Khorne's Bloody Ragers

Thirty one thousand fans showed up for this chaos extravaganza. The Chaos team was out for blood, but the undead didn't have any to give. First Half: 1: Murtaugh Ironfist (R) got a casualty on Stenchterror (B). The zombie would have been dead, but he wasn't alive to begin with. He merely regenerated in the reserves box until the next drive. 7: Wolf (R) scored a TD! 8: Deadbone of Blood Ooze (B) got a casualty on Wolf (R). The beastman was badly hurt but will have no long term effects. 8: WarMaster Malus (R) got a casualty on Scumpus (B). The zombie's knee was smashed up, however he regenerated in the reserves box. Second Half: The Chaos team started the drive with their new kick off return, the "Chaos Wedge". Fans were very unhappy about this apparent forethought and planning and boooed the play. 2: Saul Soulreaver (R) got a casualty on Deadbone of Blood Ooze (B). The wight was badly hurt but will have no long term effect. 4: Beastlord Wrex (

Killer DM

I did it. For only the second time while running this gaming group, I have killed a PC. Not me, personally, of course, but the characters in the published adventure Keep on the Borderlands. The priest and his acolytes who lived in 7b did their job. They were killed afterward, but it was amazing. The party entered the kobold caves (A) at the Caves of Chaos. Three out of the four PCs fell in the pit trap at the first intersection, with the evil priest. That left a second level mage above ground with the two traitorous acolytes. The PC mage cast a Wall of Fog to protect himself from the attacking kobolds. That was all the opportunity and cover the acolytes needed. As soon as the mage couldn't see them, they attacked. The rest is PC history.

My Reading Queue

Last weekend I was getting low on books in my queue. I went to Borders and used a wonderful 40% off coupon. Now, also during the week, one of my co-gamers brought me a trilogy to read, and I found a book at work sitting in the break room that nobody has touched in years. Here's my current queue one week later: Grey Seer - Werner - WarHammer The Sword of Bedwyr - Salvatore Luthien's Gamble - Salvatore The Dragon King - Salvatore Sword Play - Emery - Forgotten Realms Dangerous Games (- Emery - Forgotten Realms Mortal Consequences - Emery - Forgotten Reamls Orcs: First Blood - Nichols Dissolution - Byers - Forgotten Realms Insurrection - Reid - Forgotten Realms Condemnation - Baker - Forgotten Realms The High King's Tomb - Britain

WarHammer FRP 3e

I just read on Grognardia about the new edition of WarHammer planned for release. I'm not excited. I've been in the WarHammer world for probably 15 years now. What WarHammer didn't have, or books I couldn't find to purchase, I created on my own. I have binders and folders and envelopes and computer files full of expansion material for WarHammer (1e). The game wasn't broken, though it did need some expansion work when it came to magic. This is stuff we, as a gaming group, worked through as necessary. I have played in a few WarHammer games and have ran many. I have not even come close to playing in or running all the scenarios that came with the first edition. I just don't have the time. The scenarios and the rules, however, gave plenty of take-off ideas to run games for years. When second edition came out, I ignored it. On purpose. I have put so much time into the first edition that I didn't even want to think about starting over. I still don&

Traps Needed

I'm looking some traps that fit well within a classic adventure (ODD modified to run in 2E Skills & Powers). The PCs are mowing through everything the adventure has to offer, of course, and for some reason the module is woefully lacking in the trap department. The thief never checks for traps, and the warrior priest just barrels ahead of the party without a care. I will get them, though. Can you help?

July 15th, 2009: Wurld's Edge Ribsmashers at 3 Barrels of Ale

The weather was perfect for the 21,000 fans watching this game. First Half: Turn 4: Palok Powerpuncher (R) got a casualty on Ripper (A's inducement) killing the Star Player Troll! The troll's personal apothecary, along with his regeneration ability, was able to bring him back, but he was out the rest of the game. Turn 5: Tanubm (A) scored a TD! Turn 6: Bziong the Pogoer (A) scored a TD! Also: Grog Bolchukker (R) threw a completion to Marin Mansmasher (R). Turn 8: Dozeks (A) threw a completion to Tanubm (A). Second Half: Turn 1: Grog Bolchukker (R) threw a completion to Volni Headpuncher (R). Turn 5: Nazguul Pipstomper (R) got a casualty on Dobber (A). The goblin was badly hurt but will suffer no long term effect. Turn 8: Rolok Horsemauler (R) scored a TD! Also: Tok (A) threw a completion to Tanubm (A).

July 7th, 2009: Blitz of Styx at Wurld's Edge Ribsmashers

Once again, perfect weather. 29,000 fans. First Half: Turn 5: Lagak Eyeripper (R) got a casualty on Coffinkill (B). The Golem was badly hurt, but regenerated in time for the next drive. Turn 6: Grog Bolchukker (R) threw a completion to Marin Mansmasher (R). Turn 7: Nazguul Pipstomer (R) got a casualty on Boo Ghost (B). The creature suffered broken ribs, but regenerated in time for the next drive. Turn 8: Marin Mansmasher scored a TD! Second Half: Turn 2: Grog Bolchukker (R) threw a completion to Rolok Horsemauler (R). Turn 4: Rolok Horsemauler scored a TD! -A Riot reset the clock back one turn.- Turn 6: Hellbelch the werewolf (B) scored a TD! Turn 7: Grog Bolchukker (R) threw a completion to Marin Mansmasher (R).

July 3rd, 2009: Blood Soaked Barbarians at Hobbly's Heroes

31,000 fans and perfect weather showed up for this match up! First Half: Turn 2: Mo (B) got a casualty on York Surestrike (H). York was badly hurt but will suffer no long term effects. Turn 6: Dood (B) scored a TD! Also: Spencer Hunter (H) got a casualty on Dood (B), concussing the goblin and leaving him with a permanent armor reduction. Also: Paris the Sassy (H) completed a pass to Joe Ratcatcher (H) Second Half: Turn 2: Paris the Sassy (H) completed a pass to Fred Trapper (H). Also: Fred Trapper (H) scored a TD! Turn 4: Bo (B) got a casualty on Daniel Smith (H). Daniel was badly hurt but will suffer no long term effects. Turn 8: Arnon Metalsmith (H) threw a completion to Fred Trapper (H). Turn 8: Fred Trapper scored a TD!

June 27th, 2009: Hell's Pit Warplocks at Hobbly's Heroes

It was a bloody, violent, and deadly affair at Hobbly this day! First Half: Turn 2: Daniel Smith (H) got a casualty on Skitter Trip Trip (W) killing him dead! Turn 4: Snatz One-Eye (W) got a casualty on Spencer Hunter (H). Spencer was out the rest of the game, with no long term effect. Turn 5: Belig the Clawer (W) got a casualty on Brock Guttman (H). Brock broke his jaw and will miss the next game. Turn 6: Sewersprint (W) fractured his own jaw while trying to Go For It. The ratman will miss the next game. Also, York Surestrik (H) got a casualty on Snatz One-eye (W). The ratman's neck was broken, reducing future agility and causing him to miss the next game. Turn 7: Daniel Smith (H) scored a TD! Turn 8: LT (H) got a casualty on Naz the Skulker (W). Naz missed the rest of the game, but will have no long term effects. Second Half: Turn 1: Paris the Sassy (H) threw a completion to Fred Trapper (H). Turn 3: Naz the Skulker (W), amazingly, returns to the field to throw a compl

June 8th, 2009: The Blitz of Styx at Hobbly's Heroes

24,000 fans showed up in Hobbly to beautiful weather and a long, painful game. There were times when this reporter zoned out completely and only a cheer from the crowd later woke me up. I wasn't the only one, though. Hobbly's ogre, Brakk Badgerbreath seemed to spend half the match in a stupor as well... First Half: 7: Hellbelch (B) TD! 7: Paris the Sassy (H) actually caught a kickoff and threw a completion to Frederick Trapper (H). 8: Fred Trapper (H) scores a TD! Second Half: 1: Arnon Metalsmith (H) got a casualty on Pukescum (B), but the zombie regenerated by the time he reached the sidelines. Also, Jorge Farmer (H) completed a pass to Joe Ratcatcher (H). 2: York Surestrike (H) got a casualty on Vomithorror (B) when the zombie tried to block him, but the zombie regenerated by the time he reached the sidelines. 3: Lewis Foolsgold (H) got a casualty on Stenchterror (B), but the zombie regenerated by the time he reached the sidelines. Overtime: The regular referee was

June 6th, 2009: 3 Barrels of Ale at Hobbly's Heroes

Far from the blizzardly Skaven pitch, the Goblins played the Humans. 23,000 fans showed up in the pouring rain. Luckily the weather changed to perfect BloodBowl weather right at the first kickoff. First Half: Turn 2: Paris the Sassy (H) kept up with expectations as he fumbled a pass. It might be interesting, from now on, to chronicle his failures, as well as any accidental successes he might have. Turn 6: Paris the Sassy (H) got a casualty on Boom Boom (A) as the goblin fanatic tried to block him. Boom Boom was out the rest of the game. Also, Frederick Trapper (H) got a TD! Turn 8: Joe Ratcatcher (H) got a TD! Second Half: During a kickoff blitz, Gob Gob Eat (A) got a casualty on LT (H). LT ended up with a pinched nerve and must miss the next game. Turn 1: Jorje Farmer (H) completed a pass to Joe Ratcatcher (H). Also Gob Gob Eat (A) got a casualty on Grendle Ironbar (H). The lineman had to miss the rest of the game. Also, also, Ripper (Star Player for Ale) got a casualty on

June 6th, 2009: Khorne's Bloody Ragers at Hell's Pit Warplocks

A brave 16,000 fans trudged through the horrible blizzard to watch the exciting game on this day! First Half: Turn 3: Grint Sewersprint (W) scored the first TD! Turn 6: Beastlord Gruff (R) got a casualty on Ditz Long-whiskers (W). Ditz was out for the rest of the game only. Turn 7: Bleet (R) scored a TD! And the first half ended in a riot. Fans will find any way they can to warm up in a blizzard... Second Half: Turn 2: Mukk (R) got a casualty on Skitter Trip-trip (W). Skitter was only out for the rest of the game. Turn 4: Mukk (R) got a TD! Turn 5: Naz the Skulker (W) got a TD! A longer riot ended the second half. Overtime: Turn 1: Snatz One-Eye (W) completed a pass to Naz the Skulker (W). Murtz (W) got a casualty on Beastlord Gruff (R), fracturing the beastman's arm and causing him to miss the next game. Turn 2: Blud the Merciless (R) got a casualty on Reeluz Musksquirter (W). The skaven only missed the rest of the game. Turn 3: Naz the Skulker scored the game winni

May 30th, 2009: Blood-Soaked Barbarians at Khorne's Bloody Ragers

This game may not have been bloody, but it was violent. Players were down all over the field on every turn. Let's look at the highlights. Weather: This game was rainy, but Blood Bowl games are delayed due to a little water! First Half: First kick off, the Ragers blitzed and KO'd a goblin. Turn 2: Wargor Wrex (R) got a casualty on Zeezee (B). The goblin had to miss the rest of the game, but will suffer no long term effects. Turn 4: Gor Bleet (R) scored a touchdown! Turn 7: Gunz (B) completed a pass to Dood (B). Also, Murtaugh Ironfist (R) got a casualty on KO (B). The black orc had to miss the rest of the game, but will suffer no long term effects. Second Half: Turn 5: Bestigor Gruff (R) scored the team's second touchdown! Turn 8: Flubz (B) scored the Barbarian's touchdown! Enjoying the rain after the sweltering heat of the World's Edge, this is Johan the Mad reporting.

May 30th, 2009: Blitz of Styx at Wurld's Edge Ribsmashers

Twenty three thousand fans showed up for this game with the undead taking on the orcs. And rowdy the fans were. The first three turns were nothing but a riot. Once the crowd calmed down, we were able to start at turn 4. First Half: Turn 4: Grog Bolchukker (R) threw a completion to Rolok Horsemauler (R) Turn 8: Rolok Horsemauler (R) scored the first touchdown. With the kickoff from the Ribsmashers to the Blitzers came a severe weather change. A wave of sweltering heat rushed in, causing significant problems for the second half. Second Half: For the Ribsmashers, two lineman, one Black Orc and one blitzer had to be sidelined for a drive due to the heat effect. For the Blitzers, 1 werewolf, 1 golem, and 1 zombie were on the sidelines because their necromantic master was too heat fatigued to control the whole team. Turn 1: Volni Headpuncher (R) got a casualty on Half of Henry (B). Henry regenerated, but he had to stay out the rest of the drive. Turn 6: Grog Bolchukker (R) got a cas

May 24th, 2009: 3 Barrels of Ale at Khorne's Bloody Ragers

I was at this game with 20,000 Blood Bowl fans who were anxiously awaiting the introduction of the Goblin team at the Rager's stadium. This game was no disappointment, taking us even into overtime. First Half: The Goblins blitzed on the very first kickoff and Aler Bram the Bombardier (A) tried to throw a bomb into a Rager group. Unfortunately for the Goblin team, the bomb was intercepted and thrown back on their side of the field by Bestigor Gruff (R), where it didn't hurt anyone. Turn 2: Goobeez (A) scores the first touchdown against a Rager team who seemed to be ignoring the ball! Turn 5: Murtaugh Ironfist (R) got a casualty on Dobber (A). Dobber sprained his ankle, and had to miss the next game. He also now seems to walk with a limp. Dobber had the ball, so it bounced around the field before being picked up by a Rager. Also on turn 5, Wargor Wolf (R) tried to block the troll Gob Gob Eat (A) and got hurt, giving Eat a casualty. Luckily for the Ragers, Wolf only had to mi

May 23rd, 2009: Chaos Coven at Hobbly's Heroes

Howdy, sports fans! Fifteen thousand fans were in Hobbly's arena this day for a perfect day of Blood Bowl. The weather cooperated, and so did the players. First Half: Turn 2: Brakk Badgerbreath (H) got a casualty on Anorhra Dirgemaster (C). Anorhra missed the rest of the game, but will suffer no long term effects from the ogre's beating. Turn 4: Jorge Farmer (H) completed a pass to Joe Ratcatcher (H), who ran the ball in for a touchdown! A Riot from the stands following the touchdown caused turn 4 to be played a second time. In the second turn 4, York Surestrike (H) got a casualty on Aranelas (C). She missed the rest of the game, but suffered no long term effects. Also in the second turn 4, Hexana (C) the witch elf scored a touchdown, tying the game! Turn 5: Jorje Farmer (H) completed a pass to Joe Ratcatcher (H) Turn 6: Joe Ratcatcher scored his second touchdown of the day, pulling Hobbly ahead again! Second Half: The first three turns of the second half were spent in

May 9th, 2009: Black Pass Skullstompas at Hobbly's Heroes

Well, Blood Bowl fans, it has taken me a long time to return to report on this game. You wouldn't believe the chaos-ridden lands I had to traverse to cover this matchup. Twenty two thousand bloodthirsty fans were in attendance on this perfect day for football. First Half: On the very first kickoff, a crazy fan threw a rock and stunned Varg Facepuller of the Skullstompas. Turn 1: Brakk Badgerbreath (H) gets a casualty on Rok Ogrebiter (S). It seems Brakk was doing the biting this time as Rok received a groin strain which will force him to miss his next game. Also, Paris the Sassy (H) got a casualty on Don Ratgnawer (S). Don was out for the game, but will suffer no long term effects. Turn 5: Ort Groinsmasher of the Skullstompas scored the first touchdown! Turn 6: Jorje Farmer (H) took the kickoff and completed a pass to Frederick Trapper (H). Turn 7: Frederick Trapper (H) tied the game, scoring a touchdown! Second Half: Turn 1: York Surestrike (H) gets a casualty on Vik Ogr

April 25th, 2009: Khorne's Bloody Ragers at Black Pass Skullstompas

Again, the weather was perfect for BloodBowl! 13,000 fans showed up for the Ragers and 9,000 showed up for the Skullstompas. It was another popular game in chaotic style. First Half Turn 1: Rak Knuckleraper (S) blocked Wargor Wrex (R). Both were hurt on the play. Wrex suffered a casualty resulting in a serious concussion, causing him to miss the next game and have a -1 to his armor value. Rak was thought dead, but after being attended by the apothecary it turned out he was only badly hurt. Turn 5: Bestigor Gruff (R)fouled Ort Groinsmasher (S), was caught by the ref, and ejected from the game. Ort was only stunned. Second Half A Rager fan threw a rock at Vik Ogretripper (S), causing Vik to strain his groin and miss the next game. Turn 3: Wargor Wolf (R) scored the only touchdown of the game. Turn 6: Org Beastsnorter (S) stopped Beastlord Broo's (R) block, causing a casualty on Broo. Broo will miss the next game. This is Johann the Mad reporting.

April 25th, 2009: Wurld's Edge Ribsmashers at Hell's Pit Warplocks

Our first game on Saturday had the Wurld's Edge Ribsmashers playing the Hell's Pit Warplocks. For an inducement, the Ribsmashers hired star player Varag Ghoul-Chewer, and boy did he go out of control! By turn two, Varag alone had caused 3 our of 4 casualties on the Warplocks. Things looked bad as the team slowly lost a war of attrition. On the fourth turn of the first half, the Warplocks conceded the game. It was none too soon, too, as Varag was starting to look at the orc team who hired him with a hunger in his eye...

April 18th, 2009: Wurld's Edge Ribsmashers at Tzeetch's Bloodhawks

Again, this was another perfect day for BloodBowl. 3,000 fans showed up to watch the Wurld's Edge Ribsmashers, while 5,000 fans showed up to watch Tzeetch's Bloodhawks, bringing the total gate to only 8,000. Rumor has it that most BloodBowl fans were at the game between the Ragers and the Warplocks. First Half Turn 1: Grog Bolchukker (R) threw a completion to Rolok Horsemauler (R). Turn 2: Fing Ghoulthrottler (R) killed Skreetch Beastman (B). Turn 3: Volni Headpuncher (R) was Badly Hurt by a Bloodhawk Journeyman while attempting to make a block. This was a casualty for the Journeyman. Turn 4: Nazguul Pipstompper (R) injured his back while trying to make a block. This looks like it will be a Niggling Injury for Nazguul and he will have to miss the next game. Turn 5: Marin Mansmasher (R) KO'd Maynard Beastman (B). Turn 6: The Bloodhawk minotaur Ratsmasher (B) badly hurt Rolok Horsemauler (R). This was a casualty for Ratsmasher, but Rolok should be back for the next game

April 18th, 2009: Khorne's Bloody Ragers at Hell's Pit Warplocks

The weather was perfect for BloodBowl. 11,000 fans showed up for the Ragers and 14,000 showed up for the Warplocks, with a huge gate of 25,000 fans! Everyone was eager to watch this game. First Half Turn 2: Saul Soulreaver (R) gouged out the eye of Skreet Journeyman (W). This was one Casualty for Saul and Skreet is missing the next game, though one can assume he won't be invited back, regardless! Beatlord Broo (R) smashed the knee of Murtz (W). This was a casualty for Broo and it looks like it will be a Niggling Injury for Murtz, causing him to miss the next game. Betigor Gruff (R) KO'd himself while trying to block Ditz Longwhiskers (W). Turn 3: Wargor Wolf (R) was KO'd by Olg Ballspiker (W) the Rat Ogre. Turn 4: Gor Gruu (R) knocked Naz the Skulker (W) into the crowd, which beat the poor Skaven up and sent him to the injury box for the rest of the game. Turn 5: Betigor Mukk (R) knocked Belig the Clawer(W) into the crowd, which KO'd him. Turn 6: WarMaster Malus

April 6th, 2009: Hobbly's Heroes at Hell's Pit Warplocks

On April 6th, the Hobbly Heroes visited the Hell's Pit Warplocks. Nine thousand Heroes fans showed up for the game, but eleven thousand Warplock fans showed up. The weather was perfect. Here are some notes taken by the Hobbly coach. The Warplock coach is free to add his own. First Half Turn 1: Hero L.T. is Badly Hurt by Belig the Clawer while trying to block him. L.T. missed the rest of the game. Turn 2: Patrick Squire, the Hero who spent most of the first game on the Red Cross team, was killed by Mertz. Paris the Sassy, Hero Thrower, Badly Hurt Haz the Grey. Turn 5: Fred Trapper scores! Second Half Jorje Farmer completes a pass to Joe Ratcatcher. Fred Trapper Badly Hurts Musksquirter as the dirty rat tries to run past him (dodge out of his tackle zone). Turn 3: Joe Ratcatcher scores! Turn 5: Paris the Sassy completes a pass to Fred Trapper. Turn 6: Mertz Badly Hurts Fred Trapper, who misses the rest of the game. Turn 7: Lewis Foolsgold, Hero Lineman, makes an amazing pl

Content Addition Notice

Over the next...however long, I'll be migrating my Blood Bowl game write ups from the Yahoo site that currently houses them. I'm not sure how much I trust the YahooGroup to be around as long as I want to keep my game notes.

Magic Item Update

The sword +level magic item is extremely powerful, especially in the hands of a character who essentially got min/maxed. I'm dealing with a third level dwarven cleric (of Tempus...with Fighter skills) who can probably take on 6-7 HD creatures, which the pre-generated adventure I'm running isn't prepared for. You know what, though? I don't mind. The WarHammer Fantasy Roleplaying game that I run is incredibly...sparce. Money is hard to come by, magic is hard to come by, survival is actually difficult. The players don't get much, and they have to make do with what they have. They've been through mutations and demons and cults and hunger and distrust and jail. Through it all, the players were fully into the game. They were having fun. They weren't seriously complaining. So, now that I have a chance to run a little bit of a Monty Haul D&D 2E adventure, I really don't mind. I like the items I've given out - the dwarf named his weapon at the

Magic Item: Poison Dagger and Sheath

My third PC is going to be a rogue. I had some trouble thinking up a unique magical item for this character; one that would increase in power as the PC went up in levels. This is what I settled on. I fully expect that a rogue will choose either a dagger or a short sword as one of their weapons. This dagger/short sword will come paired with a magical sheath. When the character pulls the weapon from the sheath, it will be magically coated in a poison that puts people to sleep. The target will get a saving throw, naturally, put I'm thinking about negatives to the saving throw due to the magical properties. Maybe not, since Sleep is a spell and there aren't any negatives to that saving throw. For each level of the PC, that is how many times they can use the poison on the dagger before it has to be re-sheathed (out of commission for 1 round). This could become very deadly (so now I'm rethinking the negatives to the saving throw). I'm confident that the PCs will hav

Magic Item: Wand of Channeling

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm looking for feedback for some magical items I have come up with for my next game. The goal is for them to have something cool to start out with, but not something too powerful. Because of this, I have chosen items that get more powerful as the PC goes up levels. The Wand of Channeling, which probably needs a different name, is simply this: a wand that you cast your Magic Missile spell through. The result of casting your spell through the wand is that you end up shooting out one missile per PC level. At level one, things would start out normally, one missile. At level two, it starts to get stronger than the spell in the book. This is because you are channeling through the wand. That's the basic gist. I'm in a hurry this morning, so that's all you get. There should be enough there to leave an informed opinion, though. Please share them.

Magic Item: Sword +(level)

I'm looking for some feedback on some magical items I have come up with. The first is a sword that gets stronger as the PC goes up in levels. At level one, it is a sword +1. At level two, it is a sword +2. Ad infinitum. My thought is that a +1 sword isn't too powerful for a first level character, heck these editions it's just called a Masterwork sword, if I understand correctly. Also a +2 sword isn't too bad for a second level PC to have, etc. But if the sword grows with the PC, then it's something a little more special. The sword's value comes not only from getting stronger with the PC's levels, considering PCs are likely to find swords of similar power at similar levels. The sword's value can come from it's rarity (you don't have to find or buy a new sword at each level), and it's power. A sword that grows with the PC's power probably, at some point, has a sentient will of its own. If the sword doesn't start with a wil

Economic Stimulus: Merging Dice Bags

I have two dice bags. One is my old one from days of roleplaying yore. It's stuffed to just about bursting with 10 siders (gotta love WarHammer!), 8 siders (2nd edition cleric, anyone?), and 6 siders (fireball!). Relatively recently I purchased a newer, bigger dice bag to hold another purchase: a Pound-O-Dice (C). My old dice bag is...old, and worn, and full. Just this morning I came up with the thought of merging the two into the larger bag. Has anybody heard about any kind of p residence for this? Is this dice taboo? What would Bob Herzog say? Please, I need your expert opinion on the subject.

Sigmarzeit 8 - 10

We leave Bovi on the barge around 6 PM On board, I practiced using my bow some more with Henry. He had cut some fake arrows from some reeds at the dock. He's still not the greatest. How he ever managed to kill that large rat is beyond me. Lord Erik is making a good show of running the ship, but if you look closely, you can tell that Alan, one of Darryl's confidants, is really running the ship. Alan and the rest of the crew are really working our new recruits. I wonder if they realize how much we need the new people to complete our mission. Starlana looks very unhappy when she observes the rough treatment. 9th I was told we were heading to Morin, a small town of only around 200 people and our last stop before the end of the river. I don't expect there will be much to recruit from. I practiced some more with my bow. I seem to be getting better and faster. I can shoot two arrows while Henry shoots one. We arrived at the town around 5PM. We headed straight for

March 28th, 2009: Skullstompas vs Heroes

On Saturday, March 28th the Black Pass Skullstompas took the pitch against Hobbly's Heroes for the first Olde Worlde League game of the season. Fifteen thousand rowdy BloodBowl fans took the stands for the inaugural game. The weather was perfect, as was the game. There were two casualties and 5 knockouts for Saturday's game, giving the fans a taste of what's to come in the future. For casualties, Varg Facepuller badly hurt Hobbly's Patrick Squire, causing him to miss the rest of the game yet suffer no long term effects. Hobbly's ogre, Brakk Badgerbreath, repaid the favor when he badly hurt Gort Sheepbane. Again, the player missed the rest of the game yet will suffer no long term effects. You can't have it all, now can you? There were two spectacular plays in the game, one from each team. In the first half, Joe Ratcatcher, one of Hobbly's catchers, dodged two snarling orcs, picked up a loose ball, and threw it to the other catcher on his team, Freder

Sigmarzeit 7 - 8

When we were done introducing our new recruits to everyone, Lord Erik informed us that we would actually be spending the night in the town. I wasn’t sure what changed since we left, so I knew I’d have to keep and ear out. Gunther decided that we needed to get off the boat and spend a night on dry land while we had the chance. I couldn’t have agreed more. I’m not sure Starlana really cared, though. He took us to the town’s one inn, the Goblin’s Gizzard, and paid for rooms for each of us. We got settled in, and then Starlana and I headed downstairs while Gunther spent some time in prayer. We came downstairs to the sound of our new recruits bragging loudly and generally acting boisterous. They invited us to sit down, so we joined them until our meal was ready and Gunther was ready to join us. While we were waiting, Lord Erik came in with Alaric and his small retinue to get a room of his own. Henry was with him, but they were acting pretty closed-mouthed and secretive, though w

Blood Bowl Returns to Naggaroth

For over a decade, the pitches in the northern part of the New World have been desolate. Cutting grasses and dangerous new flora were long allowed to grow where human and orc, dark elf and dwarf once met in a testament of steel and skill. Blood Bowl had faded as mere survival took precedence. Things changed as of this past Monday, March 2nd 2009 when the human team of Hobbly's Heroes met with the vicious orc team, The Black Crag Skullstompas. There are hopes that a league may be reformed in the wake of the exciting game, which Hobbly's Heroes won 4 - 0. Fans are already placing bets on whether the humans dare try again, now that the orcs know how to put their helmets on the correct way. If you are in the Greater Bangor, Maine area and wish to contact us about joining a Blood Bowl league, please leave a comment below.


(Sung to the tune of Jessie by Joshua Kadison <--click for audio/video.) From a payphone at SnoCon, Florey calls collect again To tell me how he's slaughtered 10 beastmen He says, "Hey, man, I've been thinking 'bout 4E D&D We could start a, and Deb, and me. We'll buy the handbook and roll up some test stats Now, doesn't that sound sweet?" Oh, Florey, you always do this every time I get back on my feet. Florey paint your pictures 'bout how it's gonna be. By now I should know better, your dreams are never free. But tell me all about out little adventures in 4E; Florey you can always sell any game to me. Oh, Florey, you can always sell any game to me. He asks about my half-orc. I say, "Ke'lan he's just fine But I really want to run him one more time. I finally took his stat sheet down off the wall Oh, Florey, how do you always seem to know just when to call?" He says, "Get you dice together. Bring yo

WarHammer's Top Baddies

Top Ten creature lists seem to be going around . To be different, and mostly to match my playing style, I have decided to try to list the most popular creatures in the WarHammer world. I have been playing WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) since some time in high school. That's at least 15 years. Within the last few years, the Black Library has released a slew of WarHammer Fantasy novels, and it seems I have spent more hours reading recently than I ever did playing or prepping a game of WFRP. Through my years of experience playing and reading, here's my list of WFRP's top "monsters". Snotlings Snotlings are the smallest of the goblinoid races. They are not the same as D&D's kobolds. They have only 1 strength, 1 toughness, and 3 wounds. You can pretty much sneeze and kill them. They are, however, humorous and fun to use against the party! Snotlings only attack if they outnumber their opponent ten to one. For weapons they use nets, clubs, axes,

Sigmarzeit 5 - 7

We are staring at a battle field of carnage and death. You know that battle is going on around you when you're in the midst of the fight, but you don't realize what is actually happening - people are really dying - until the battle is over. The Skaven ran, and we are left with the aftermath. All I could do was stare. I was ready to shoot another arrow, but there were no ratmen in sight. Beside me, I heard Starlana throw up her last meal. Suddenly I was tired. Starlana was sick, Gunther was injured, and Arty was dead. What, exactly, had I gotten myself into? I tried to comfort Starlana, while Randy came to Gunther and patched up some of his wounds. Apparently the man has some field medic experience. All the experience in the world won't bring Arty back, though. Lord Erik offered us the use of his tent while things were cleaned up outside. The remaining men spent the night digging a mass grave for their peers and stacking the rat men up to burn in a pile. Lady,

Character Profiles: Gairloch Ironheart

Life underground was rough, with all the creatures that wanted to eat you. One never knew when a perfectly peaceful mining operation would turn into a fight for your life. Ambushes were easier to handle if you simply used one of your tools as a weapon. In his plate armor, carrying his maul, he looked pretty tough…for a gnome. He had heard about this land above. He wanted to look tough. He wanted to look menacing. He wanted people to skirt around him. He didn’t want people getting close to him. He didn’t want them to know he was scared. Gairloch stepped out of the cave entrance and into the brisk night air. The sensation of not having a roof over his head was disconcerting at best. Subliminally, he clung to the earth even more tenaciously than before. How did people keep from falling up? Gairloch Ironheart is a Gnome Cleric of Grumbar. He uses a maul for a weapon, and wears full plate armor.

Character Profiles: Harlgrim Strongaxe

Harlgrim Strongaxe had the potential to be the clan's next great engineer. As soon as his talent was realized, he was taken into the guild and apprenticed. Unfortunately, this was only months before the Ripclaw invasion. For the next two years, Harlgrim was assigned to a tunnel fighter guerrilla warfare team. Fighting came naturally to young Harlgrim, just as naturally as engineering. He stood his ground beside the veterans, attacking the treacherous Ripclaws and melting back into the tunnels to come at them again from another angle. Until one day, when the Ripclaws dropped a tunnel onto the steely fighters. Harlgrim was the only survivor of the tunnel collapse that day. He had happened to be on rear-guard duty. Nevertheless, the falling stone left Harlgrim battered and injured. He was unconscious for two days, alone in the tunnel. Harlgrim circled about through other interconnecting underground passages until he came back upon his stronghold's main chambers. It was at th

Sigmarzeit 4 - 5

We were trailing our two Skaven guides for hours and hours upon end through the underground passages when Lorr suddenly stopped in front of us and pointed down at some yellow mould on the tunnel floor. He was telling us the mould was deadly when it moved and shot out spores. In front of me, Starlana just dropped. I couldn't catch her. I tried, but between her and her gear, it was just too heavy for me. I guess people shouldn't expect me to catch them when they fall. There's probably a deeper lesson to be learned here, but you don't always see the bigger picture from an underground tunnel. I dragged Starlana back out of the mould's blast radius and we all waited for her and Ben to wake up. Randy crept forward and was offering some strange snuff he had taken from Lord Doyle's house. Gunthar advised me to not touch the snuff, but it seemed to do Ben a world of good. Lungs that had been injured by the spores suddenly felt fine. The two men continued on as

A Beginning for Beginners

The WarHammer world is a vast place, much larger than our own globe, yet if you look at the map, it looks rather familiar. Where Europe would be on our globe is a place, a continent if you will, known as The Old World. It is analogous to Europe in the Middle Ages, consisting of a number of small, independent states sharing a similar cultural heritage and a common language, Old Worlder. Within the continent of the Old World, the largest country is known as the Empire. It comprises a vast conglomeration of princedoms, duchies, leagues, and city-states. The Empire was united under one Sigmar Heldenhammer, who attained immortality and is now the patron deity of the Empire. The Church of Sigmar is the guardian of the Empire. It is for this church that you work. A missing artifact of a sensitive nature has caused the Church of Sigmar in Altdorf to ship you down to Nuln. The day after you arrive, you are to meet up with one Albrecht Oldenhaller at his residence in Nuln’s merchant district

Sigmarzeit 2 - 3

(Boy, these sewers were long. Seriously...two months to explore. Now that's a little rediculous.) We had no idea what was going on in the underground temple. Gunther wanted to destroy the place, though, and thought we could use Lorr's help to do it. We decided to head back to the Doyle manor to fetch him. On the way to the manor, we spotted a short humanoid far off down the tunnel. He was pretty much at the edge of our vision, and he ran off when Gunther called to him. That's never an innocent sign. We chased the figure throughout much of the sewer system, but couldn't catch up to it before it slipped down a small hole. We had no choice by to go back for Lorr. After some modifications to the hole in the floor, and some explanations to the butler Bartloff, we were able to get Lorr into the sewer. We proceeded on to the temple. The men were flexing their muscles and toppling over altar stones when I found some bones partially buried in the floor. The others

SnowCon 2009

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the first gaming convention ever to be held in the area (to the best of my knowledge). It was a great deal of fun. I arrived at 7 AM and got my hand-dandy little name badge and bracelet with my player number on it. Then I promptly sat down to wait for friends to show up, watching the classic Dungeon&Dragons cartoon, stewing because there was a sign indicating we weren't to bring in outside food or drink. I totally should have stopped at the convenience store first . After dawdling a lot, I arrived at my first game, D&D 4e Delve Night. I hadn't played 4e before, and wanted to know how to do it so I'd be comfortable at the 5 hour 4e gaming session I signed up for that night. At Delve Night, I was issued a Wizards of the Coast DCI card, whether I wanted one or not. See: It was a good learning experience, and the DM was very patient. As a matter of fact, our 1 hour time slot ran for 2.5 hours because we were