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Sigmarzeit 1 - 2

The boy Gunthar has paid for me to have a bath and some new clothes. My hair is no longer dirty and matted, and I feel like a completely different person. I found some faded, but matching shirt and breeches, some used boots, a cap, tunic, and scarf. We headed to the Illuminated Fish Tavern. Gunthar headed across the street to pray. I went inside to grab a seat. Starlana already in there and Lorr came in shortly afterward. Lorr had a broken sword tip he found at one of the burned down houses. Gunthar came back in as we were examining it. We decided to keep the sword tip and not turn it in to the authorities quite yet. It was our only clue and we were pretty sure we wanted to go on the quest to find out why nobles were going missing. I know I want the money. When we separated for the night, we didn't have a place to go, so Gunthar and I headed back to Joseph's cottage to ask if we could camp on the lawn. I had mentioned that I have a tent, and Gunthar said we could