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Sigmarzeit 1 - 2

The boy Gunthar has paid for me to have a bath and some new clothes. My hair is no longer dirty and matted, and I feel like a completely different person. I found some faded, but matching shirt and breeches, some used boots, a cap, tunic, and scarf. We headed to the Illuminated Fish Tavern. Gunthar headed across the street to pray. I went inside to grab a seat. Starlana already in there and Lorr came in shortly afterward. Lorr had a broken sword tip he found at one of the burned down houses. Gunthar came back in as we were examining it. We decided to keep the sword tip and not turn it in to the authorities quite yet. It was our only clue and we were pretty sure we wanted to go on the quest to find out why nobles were going missing. I know I want the money. When we separated for the night, we didn't have a place to go, so Gunthar and I headed back to Joseph's cottage to ask if we could camp on the lawn. I had mentioned that I have a tent, and Gunthar said we could

Getting Started

Sommerzeit (6th?) I find myself in Bastion, south of the Morceaux. I heard prospects of gold in the town. Obviously it won’t be by the usual panning or mining methods. I’m kind of nervous returning to town. It’s been a long time. Also, I look like a wreck. There are a few inn and taverns in Bastion, but I headed to the Dead Laborer as it looked more my type. I’m afraid I’d have been kicked out of any other place, due to the filth all over my body. The place is packed…unnaturally so. I sat down at a table and asked a crusty old man why it was so busy. He introduced himself as Leo the merchant and offered to buy me a drink. I’m too poor to refuse a free drink, so I took him up on it. Joe explained that a messenger from the king was on the way with big news. People have gathered from all over, even from outside of town, to hear the announcement. This means I won’t even be able to find a place to sleep in the cheapest inn. When we heard murmurings that the messenger had

Prospector Leone Anwyn Wolff

Introduction "People don't think me lucky, but I am. I guess luck, sometimes, is in the eye of the beholder. "For instance, I know for sure I'm working straight toward a big gold find. I know it. If I had one more day, a full day of work, I'd be there. The problem is that I don't have enough energy to put in another full day of work...or even multiple partial days of work. I have been out here for months straight and I am beat. "So I had to set off, leave my find behind. I'm out of food, out of scraps, and out of hope of making it back to town alive if I didn't leave now. I had hoped someone would pass me along the road and offer a ride. Again, I was lucky. "I found out later just how lucky I really am. A roadwarden picked me up on his way to the next settlement. I don't weigh any more than 100 pounds soaking wet right now. It was nothing for him to carry me behind him on his horse. He even had some food, trail rations