Blood Bowl Returns to Naggaroth

For over a decade, the pitches in the northern part of the New World have been desolate. Cutting grasses and dangerous new flora were long allowed to grow where human and orc, dark elf and dwarf once met in a testament of steel and skill. Blood Bowl had faded as mere survival took precedence.

Things changed as of this past Monday, March 2nd 2009 when the human team of Hobbly's Heroes met with the vicious orc team, The Black Crag Skullstompas.

There are hopes that a league may be reformed in the wake of the exciting game, which Hobbly's Heroes won 4 - 0. Fans are already placing bets on whether the humans dare try again, now that the orcs know how to put their helmets on the correct way.

If you are in the Greater Bangor, Maine area and wish to contact us about joining a Blood Bowl league, please leave a comment below.


DiceScreaming said…
"Dat game wuz so rigged. I knowz dose hu-manz bewitched da ball! Coach sez we need to do more Stompy-Stompy and less Punchy! Next time Hobbliez youze going down!"
-Grot Ratsmasher, Black Pass Skullstompas Lineman.

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