A Beginning for Beginners

The WarHammer world is a vast place, much larger than our own globe, yet if you look at the map, it looks rather familiar.

Where Europe would be on our globe is a place, a continent if you will, known as The Old World. It is analogous to Europe in the Middle Ages, consisting of a number of small, independent states sharing a similar cultural heritage and a common language, Old Worlder.

Within the continent of the Old World, the largest country is known as the Empire. It comprises a vast conglomeration of princedoms, duchies, leagues, and city-states. The Empire was united under one Sigmar Heldenhammer, who attained immortality and is now the patron deity of the Empire. The Church of Sigmar is the guardian of the Empire. It is for this church that you work.

A missing artifact of a sensitive nature has caused the Church of Sigmar in Altdorf to ship you down to Nuln. The day after you arrive, you are to meet up with one Albrecht Oldenhaller at his residence in Nuln’s merchant district. We’ll begin with you reaching the city:

After boring days on the river, your boat reaches Nuln. You are all frozen and soaked through. You are probably thinking unkind thoughts about the priests of Sigmar who would only pay for a cheap deck-class passage on an aging riverboat; it doesn’t seem a particularly impressive way to start a holy quest. During the course of your journey, you have gotten to know a little more about your fellow adventurers, and have become friends of a sort, united by a common desire to take care of this potentially hazardous situation.


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