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Getting Started

Sommerzeit (6th?) I find myself in Bastion, south of the Morceaux. I heard prospects of gold in the town. Obviously it won’t be by the usual panning or mining methods. I’m kind of nervous returning to town. It’s been a long time. Also, I look like a wreck. There are a few inn and taverns in Bastion, but I headed to the Dead Laborer as it looked more my type. I’m afraid I’d have been kicked out of any other place, due to the filth all over my body. The place is packed…unnaturally so. I sat down at a table and asked a crusty old man why it was so busy. He introduced himself as Leo the merchant and offered to buy me a drink. I’m too poor to refuse a free drink, so I took him up on it. Joe explained that a messenger from the king was on the way with big news. People have gathered from all over, even from outside of town, to hear the announcement. This means I won’t even be able to find a place to sleep in the cheapest inn. When we heard murmurings that the messenger had