WarHammer FRP 3e

I just read on Grognardia about the new edition of WarHammer planned for release. I'm not excited.

I've been in the WarHammer world for probably 15 years now. What WarHammer didn't have, or books I couldn't find to purchase, I created on my own. I have binders and folders and envelopes and computer files full of expansion material for WarHammer (1e). The game wasn't broken, though it did need some expansion work when it came to magic. This is stuff we, as a gaming group, worked through as necessary.

I have played in a few WarHammer games and have ran many. I have not even come close to playing in or running all the scenarios that came with the first edition. I just don't have the time. The scenarios and the rules, however, gave plenty of take-off ideas to run games for years.

When second edition came out, I ignored it. On purpose. I have put so much time into the first edition that I didn't even want to think about starting over. I still don't. Eventually I did buy the book and read it. There was nothing so new, so revolutionary, so helpful that I was willing to give up the previous edition. I don't even have anything from 2e that I remember wanting to work into my existing 1e world.

Now 3e. With it's fancy box and specialized dice and cards. Phooey. Call me a grumpy old man. Call me a grognard. I don't care. Me and my 1e stuff aren't going anywhere.

Needless to say, I'll probably buy the box set when I can get it on the cheap. ;)


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