April 6th, 2009: Hobbly's Heroes at Hell's Pit Warplocks

On April 6th, the Hobbly Heroes visited the Hell's Pit Warplocks. Nine thousand Heroes fans showed up for the game, but eleven thousand Warplock fans showed up. The weather was perfect. Here are some notes taken by the Hobbly coach. The Warplock coach is free to add his own.

First Half
Turn 1: Hero L.T. is Badly Hurt by Belig the Clawer while trying to block him. L.T. missed the rest of the game.

Turn 2: Patrick Squire, the Hero who spent most of the first game on the Red Cross team, was killed by Mertz.

Paris the Sassy, Hero Thrower, Badly Hurt Haz the Grey.

Turn 5: Fred Trapper scores!

Second Half

Jorje Farmer completes a pass to Joe Ratcatcher.

Fred Trapper Badly Hurts Musksquirter as the dirty rat tries to run past him (dodge out of his tackle zone).

Turn 3: Joe Ratcatcher scores!

Turn 5: Paris the Sassy completes a pass to Fred Trapper.

Turn 6: Mertz Badly Hurts Fred Trapper, who misses the rest of the game.

Turn 7: Lewis Foolsgold, Hero Lineman, makes an amazing play that will go down in BloodBowl history. He picked up a loose ball, which was on the ground right beside a Warplock, he dodge away from the Warplock, and he ran for a touchdown!

The game ended 3-1 in favor of the Heroes.


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