Economic Stimulus: Merging Dice Bags

I have two dice bags. One is my old one from days of roleplaying yore. It's stuffed to just about bursting with 10 siders (gotta love WarHammer!), 8 siders (2nd edition cleric, anyone?), and 6 siders (fireball!). Relatively recently I purchased a newer, bigger dice bag to hold another purchase: a Pound-O-Dice (C).

My old dice bag is...old, and worn, and full. Just this morning I came up with the thought of merging the two into the larger bag. Has anybody heard about any kind of p residence for this? Is this dice taboo? What would Bob Herzog say?

Please, I need your expert opinion on the subject.


DiceScreaming said…
When you say merge, I immediately thought you would sew your old dicebag into the lining of the new one. Then I realized what you meant. I suppose it wouldn't be bad, dicebags do have to retire sometime. Kirk moved onto the Enterprise A. I would carry on the old dicebag somehow, take scraps from it and attach it to the new. There has to be some sort of ceremony.
Squirrely said…
Maybe tomorrow we can have a ceremony at BloodBowl halftime.
Ameron said…
I know I'm going to get blasted for even suggesting this, but have you ever considered paring down your dice collection?

Before you shoot me, please read on. Like you, I have at least 20 or more sets of dice. And like you, they can't all fit in my dice bag. It occurred to me that I don't really need to have all those dice with me all the time. So I did two things.

#1) I limited the number of "active" dice in my dice bag to 6 or 7 sets (which is still probably more than I need). All the other sets went into a box in my closet. I rotate my 7 sets every couple of months to keep them fresh.

#2) I stopped buying new dice. Instead, I started exchanging complete sets of dice with other gamers (as discussed in the article Dice). It still gives me the rush of getting and using new dice, but it doesn't cost me anything and I don't have to worry about where to put a growing collection of dice.

Just my 2 cents worth. Let the execution commence.
jamused said…
Merging dice-bags, or "seeding" as the process is known, is a highly contentious area and the sub-committee on dice and dice handling at the HMPA have traded blows on more than one occasion. In the end the upshot was to acknowledge that forbidding it in sanctioned tourneys, even if desirable, was impractical and instead to embark on a program of outreach and education emphasizing that the luck of the best die in the seed back would in fact be distributed over all the dice in the new bag it would be diluted, while a single unlucky dice could contaminate the whole set perhaps even beyond the point of cleansing. That's the origin of the "Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?" bumper-stickers you can still see here and there, particularly at GaryCon.

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