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[Podcast] Episode 0

An RPG podcast supplement to this blog, released precisely every time I feel like it. Episode 0

[D&D 2e] The Tomb of the Lizard King 2

Mist:  Human Shadow Walker (Mage/Thief) Level 5 Jairus:  Elven Mage/Thief Level 3/4 Kell:  Human Ravager (Barbarian) Level 4 Sanaka:  Human Windwalker (Priest) Level 5 Gunel:  Human Fighter/Gladiator Level 5 Garrin: Gnome Cartographer (Thief) Level 5 Droop:  Goblin Lackey (Fighter) Level 1 ( Previous Notes ) A gnome cartographer named Garrin joined the party. He walked into Waycombe at dusk, intrigued that it was empty. He entered the only intact building with lights on and introduced himself. Droop, the goblin, took a liking to him immediately. The party spent the night at the inn in Waycombe, splitting watch duties between the non-spellcasters. During the first watch, Kell saw two men walking out into the field behind the inn. They started yelling toward the town, but she couldn't make out what they were saying. She woke Mist and Gunel. The men were too far away to understand. The three kept eyes on the men until the two gave up and headed back into the forest.