My Reading Queue

Last weekend I was getting low on books in my queue. I went to Borders and used a wonderful 40% off coupon. Now, also during the week, one of my co-gamers brought me a trilogy to read, and I found a book at work sitting in the break room that nobody has touched in years. Here's my current queue one week later:

Grey Seer - Werner - WarHammer
The Sword of Bedwyr - Salvatore
Luthien's Gamble - Salvatore
The Dragon King - Salvatore
Sword Play - Emery - Forgotten Realms
Dangerous Games (- Emery - Forgotten Realms
Mortal Consequences - Emery - Forgotten Reamls
Orcs: First Blood - Nichols
Dissolution - Byers - Forgotten Realms
Insurrection - Reid - Forgotten Realms
Condemnation - Baker - Forgotten Realms
The High King's Tomb - Britain


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