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[D&D 2e] The Tomb of the Lizard King 1

Mist:  Human Shadow Walker (Mage/Thief) Level 4 Jairus:  Elven Mage/Thief Level 3/4 Kell:  Human Ravager (Barbarian) Level 4 Sanaka:  Human Windwalker (Priest) Level 4 Gunel:  Human Fighter/Gladiator Level 4 Droop: Goblin Lackey (Fighter) Level 1 ( Previous notes ) The Palace of the Count of Eor The party was Quested by the church of Ilmater to assist the Count of Eor in his time of need. They traveled north then east from Neverwinter to Vendare, the capital of Eor. (Meta: Do not look for this on a map of Faerun. I plopped it where it was convenient. Think east of The Crags.)  They met with the Count and his clerical advisor. They passed whatever final tests the cleric secretly put them to and were taken into the Count's confidence: "You are accepted for this task. What you must do seems simple. Travel to the village of Waycombe in the south. Learn the fate of my squad of men; they were led by Barto Trume, one of my most trusted soldiers. Then find these