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Elven Knights

The world is changing. The time of the elves has come and gone. They are no longer the dominant race in the world. They are not safe. They are not even always liked. They have retreated from the limelight, heading back to their mystical forests and enchanted islands. However, the elves realize they can't disconnect from the world fully. They need to maintain a presence, and they need to have allies. Thus begins the motivation for elven knights. There are independent elves who decide to leave the confines of elven society to join in the world at large. They may be spellcasters who wish to broaden the scope of their knowledge, or show off their power. They may be rogues who find human society and the like as easy pickings. However, when the elven kingdoms send emissaries from their lands to the lands of men, it is usually in the form of and elven knight. The elves wish to keep their reputation as honorable, trustworthy allies who are proponents of good. They send emissa

B is for Bo

Bo is a dwarven thief. As a dwarf, this means he doesn't skulk around picking pockets and palming objects. This means that Bo is a master with the mechanical knowledge of locks, traps, and buildings (finding secret doors, weak spots, etc.). He's almost more of a tradesman for hire. He does not lower himself to the human vice of stealing, but has no compunction about the winner taking his share of spoils. As an artisan, Bo is rugged and dextrous. He has natural dwarven constitution, a bit higher than average intelligence (he's learned) and wisdom (he knows how to put his knowledge to good use). Some may say his charisma is a bit lower than normal, but some would say that about all dwarves.

A is for Aevsen

Aevsen Aamaar'luthe is a C/G Grey Elf thief. He is a male of 121 years when he begins his adventuring career. His hair is silver and his eyes are amber. His height is 5'5" and he weighs 100 lbs. Here is what he has written as his background: My parents were Grey Elves who, even before they were married, each took up the opinion that their subrace had lost the elfish love of life. Once married, they decided they should set out from their Grey Elf domain to try to regain some of what their subrace had lost. My parents left with the blessing of the community that seemed to think it was just a phase that would pass and told them to keep their eyes out for lost knowledge on their travels. They went through many adventures, none of which were particularly life-threatening, but all of which helped them regain some of the lost vigor for life. They eventually settled down for a pastoral life in their later years. Ceiloar, my father, befriended our human neighbor when I wa

Castles & Crusades

I have begun playing again! I have had two sittings within the past month of an old-school retro clone called Castles & Crusades. I chose to reinvent an old persona for this game. I am playing Corwyn the Elven Knight. I'm still working on reconciling an elf knight, but I think I have some ideas to make it work. The game is an episodic mercenary adventure. This should work well with people coming and going from week to week. Being a knight, I have sort of set myself up as a leader, so I need to think a bit more on that, too. I will flesh out my character a bit more the longer he lives. There's no sense in putting a lot of work into a short-timer.