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[D&D 2e] The Lost Mine of Phandelver 5 *SPOILERS*

Mist:  Human Shadow Walker (Mage/Thief) Jairus:  Elven Mage/Thief Kell:  Human Ravager (Barbarian) Sanaka:  Human Windwalker (Priest) Gunel:  Human Fighter/Gladiator ( Previous notes ) Printed Intro Fifteen miles east of Phandalin, in the deep vales of the Sword Mountains, lies Wave Echo Cave. The rich mine of the Phandelver's Pact was lost five hundred years ago during orc invasions that devastated this part of the North. In the centuries since, countless prospectors and adventurers have searched for the lost mine, but none succeeded until the Rockseeker brothers found the entrance a month ago. Unfortunately, the Rockseekers did not realize they were being trailed by spies working for Nezznar, the Black Spider, and they inadvertently led the drow villain to their prize. Nezznar and his followers dealt with the two Rockseekers who were guarding their find, then arranged for Gundren's ambush. Learning of the adventurers' involvement with Gundren and their e

Ramifications of Phandelver [SPOILERS]

I just finished running the Lost Mine of Phandelver for my D&D [2e] group. There were a couple little bits they chose to skip, like the dragon, the cult, and the orcs, after making informed decisions and prioritization. What surprised me, however, with the published adventure is the setup for further machinations and how long the party can adventure using this basic setup as the basis. Here are a few things that have been set up between them and me: Relationship with the Dwarves.  The party did their part. They helped Gundrin Rockseeker find the lost mine and free his brother. For this, Gundren promised them "10 percent share of the mine's wealth once his operation there is up and running." I started looking at this from the point of view of a greedy dwarf (isn't that how we're told dwarves are?). Four out of the five party members are human. In my game, the Black Spider got away from the party after his troops were cut down. Gundrin is going to go after

[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 31

My PC Vaervenshyael  - Female Elf Duellist My companions Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann  - Human Artisan/Mercenary Wilhelm Hechland  - Human Pistoleer/Engineer Doctor  Johann Wilhelm Woeller  - Human Physician ( Previous Notes ) From the graves on the beach, covered in capes of the knights of Sulzerberg, Vaervenshyael found day-old tracks to the only door on the beach. The door was finely carved with bas-relief and bound with iron banding, still not rusty in the underground humidity. The door opened into a room, painted with pristine murals. Tankred warned the rest of the party not to look at the walls, which encouraged the doctor to immediately enter and look at the walls. Vaervenshyael kept her eye down after some of the previous walls she had seen while tracking Abdul Al-Shar. The doctor described a bearded man painted in multitudinous scenes of debauchery. South out of the room was a hallway. The painting started down the hallway and abruptly ended w