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[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow GM/Player Interludes

Characters Maximillian Morningglory , Halfling Vampire Hunter Udrin Sor-Valdir  - High Elf Wizard Ludovic Hasselhoff  - Human Entertainer/Boat Captain Durak Braksson  - Dwarf Tegort  - Ogre bodyguard Abelhardt Mullberger  - Journeyman Apprentice Mordrin Skorkinson , Giant Slayer. Fickuld - Young Camp Follower Maximillian was deep in thought over the violence and chaos of Grimdold Und, yet hiding his feelings by tending the Brettonian captives. This chaos, this evil in the land was huge, while the halfling was...not. How long could he stare evil in the face? How long could he hide behind an ogre who seemed determined to get himself killed? (Not to mention how long could he feed the ogre, who ate even more than the halfling?) He had barely managed to intervene between the ogre and the suicidal dwarf more than once on the trip to Suderberg. Was there a place for Maximillian in the world outside the Moot? Was there a way to fight chaos without the promise of an early grav

[WFPR] Doomstones Session 4

There's another Crystal nearby! On the way to town, the party spotted a long-forgotten cache of orc trinkets buried in a mount. There was some jewelry, a dwarven plate with a map on it, and a couple notes from the Bloodaxe alliance detailing the existence of another crystal nearby. The party kept this information and headed to town. In town they sold their hostage for some coin, replenished their travelling stores, and recruited a new Wizard after the previous one left the group. The new Wizard attuned himself to the Crystal of Fire and found one of it's powers: the Fire Ball spell. Having just come down through the mountains, and having a rather familiar knowledge of the area, the party decided to take the easy road back to the location marked on the plate/map. (They skipped the Twisted Lands and the Forest detailed in the book on the journey to the next location.)  Heading into the mountains toward an old "stunty 'ole," they came upon an area litt

Star Wars RPG 5

(Our alias names are in quotation marks to begin.) "Jax" and "Baptiste" were preparing for an excursion to Dantooine as part of "Baptiste's" personal quest as well as making a side trip to the scrapyards of Ord Mantell. While they were out "Amaza" was running the shop in the Jundland wastes, while "Boz" was minding the storefront in Mos Espa. While Jax and Baptiste were finding success in their missions, Amaza was finding herself spending a little too much time solely in the company of droids. With Boz not answering the comm at the town house, She decided to investigate. Finding the house in a state of disarray, Amaza struck out in search of Boz.  Amaza found a strange sight on the streets of Mos Espa, stormtroopers. In the custody of the empire was a Trandoshan being led away in cuffs for creating a disturbance. When the moment presented itself, the Trandoshan made his move, and was assisted by Amaza. Within moments the

Star Wars RPG 4

Our heroes have their business up and running. After cleaning out the debris from the hanger section of the new base of operations, time was spent purchasing the necessities for keeping things livable. Our padawan has taken the first steps of her training. Once word gets out, business should increase. In the meantime, parts are slowly being acquired for the first space fighters to be built. The future seems bright for our heroes, but the shadow of the empire is long. Only time will tell. It was a long session of making new identities/aliases for ourselves, getting our workflow established, and just restarting our game plan. We came out with a much better idea of what we wanted out of our least for now.

Star Wars RPG 3

We find our heroes after a difficult raid against a secret imperial installation. As rebel commanders realize that military style raids are not this group's forte, a new plan is devised. Upgrades were made to the Golden Goose, seed money handed over, and a new unrelated base of operations on Tatooine provided. After the creation of new IDs, the party set out to establish themselves in their new business, salvage and repair.  The crew of the Golden Goose investigated the town house that had been provided to them and decided to explore a former rebel base in the Jundland wastes that had been destroyed. After a little difficulty finding the front door, the former base was explored. While the womp rats weren't happy about guests, the resident Krayt dragon was even less so, having been rudely awoken from it's slumber by a grenade inserted into it's nostril. Two pearls were retrieved from the innards of the dragon, their value yet to be determined.  A tatooine bus