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[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 41-43

My PC Maximillian Morningglory , Halfling Vampire Hunter Magnus  the Pony My companions Udrin Sor-Valdir  - High Elf Wizard Ludovic Hasselhoff  - Human Entertainer Durak Braksson  - Dwarf NPCs Tegort  - Ogre bodyguard Abelhardt Mullberger  - Journeyman Apprentice Fickuld - Young Camp Follower ( Previous update ) The party battled in the halls of Grimdold Und. The large, evil elf sent his minions to deal with the party in a most violent manner.   Maximillian wielded his repeating crossbow expertly and felled two druchii and a daemonette. Tegort blocked reinforcements from an entire corridor just by standing in it. The minions were all killed, but not before the evil elf ushered his prisoners out of the back of the room. It was found that a daemonette killed young Fickuld while Abelhardt watched helplessly. Session 42 The evil elf and his prisoners escaped down a hole we found out back of the previous room. Maximillian scouted out the scene before the party went dow