April 18th, 2009: Khorne's Bloody Ragers at Hell's Pit Warplocks

The weather was perfect for BloodBowl. 11,000 fans showed up for the Ragers and 14,000 showed up for the Warplocks, with a huge gate of 25,000 fans! Everyone was eager to watch this game.

First Half
Turn 2: Saul Soulreaver (R) gouged out the eye of Skreet Journeyman (W). This was one Casualty for Saul and Skreet is missing the next game, though one can assume he won't be invited back, regardless!

Beatlord Broo (R) smashed the knee of Murtz (W). This was a casualty for Broo and it looks like it will be a Niggling Injury for Murtz, causing him to miss the next game.

Betigor Gruff (R) KO'd himself while trying to block Ditz Longwhiskers (W).

Turn 3: Wargor Wolf (R) was KO'd by Olg Ballspiker (W) the Rat Ogre.

Turn 4: Gor Gruu (R) knocked Naz the Skulker (W) into the crowd, which beat the poor Skaven up and sent him to the injury box for the rest of the game.

Turn 5: Betigor Mukk (R) knocked Belig the Clawer(W) into the crowd, which KO'd him.

Turn 6: WarMaster Malus (R) KO'd Yurt the Clanless (W)

Turn 7: Wargor Wrex (R) scored a touchdown!

Turn 8: Snatz One-eye (W) threw a completion to Shagrax (W).

Second Half
Turn 1: Reeluz Musksquirter (W) was KO'd when trying to block WarMaster Malus (R).

Turn 3: Blud the Merciless (R) scored a touchdown!

Turn 4: Olg Ballspiker (W) badly hurt Gor Rax (R). There will be no long term effect of the injury, though rumor has it Rax may miss the next game.

Turn 5: Shagrax (W) threw a completion to Ditz Longwhiskers (W) who ran it in for a touchdown!

Turn 6: WarMaster Malus (R) badly hurt Belig the Clawer (W). There will be no long term effects of the casualty.

Wargor Wrex (R) KO'd Yurt the Clanless (W)

Snatz One-eye (W) badly hurt Blud the Merciless. There will be no long term effects of the injury, but it did cause Blud to drop the ball as he was running for the end zone.

Overall, it was an amazing game. The Warplocks kept it close, but just couldn't pull out a win as half the team was off the field injured.

The is Johann the Madd reporting.


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