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WFRP Dwimmermount Premise

Dwimmermount is located in a long-forgotten area of the Warhammer world. For all that, however, its name and reputation is known. For hundreds—maybe thousands—of years, Dwimmermount served as a fortress for a succession of empires. It fell two centuries ago, when a rebel uprising culminated in a mysterious cataclysm that sealed the dungeon off from the outside world. When rumors trickled back to the Empire that the magically-sealed gates of Dwimmermount were now open, the Emperor wasted no time authorizing an expedition. It is understood that the dungeon contains riches, but more importantly it contains information about the Old Ones...and possibly the creation of the races. Many ships full of supplies and crew set forth from the Sea of Claws to Lustria's Mangrove Coast. Those who were only good for, or interested only in, sailing remained on the coast creating a small settlement to watch over the ships. Hundreds more struck west, with nothing to look forward to but weeks of to

Free Shadowrun Missions

This is a placeholder/personal reminder regarding the Catalyst Games 25 free Shadowrun missions . Happy running!

[WFRP 2e] Mordin-Interlude 4

My PC Mordrin Skorkinson , Giant Slayer. My companions: Farnoth , Elf Spy ( Previous story ) Farnoth, still deep in cover on the druchii black ark, recovered Mordrin from under the body of a dead wyvern. The dwarf was crushed and bleeding badly from the skull. Also a segment of his ribs rose and fell paradoxically with the rest of the dwarf's chest.  Farnoth spirited Mordrin to a druchii barber-surgeon aboard the ark who owed him a favor. The surgeon patched the hole in Mordrin's head with an ugly slab of druchii metal, pointed in ways that the Witch Elves covet. The surgeon used the same type of metal to drill into Mordrin's broken ribs. He then attached the outer portion of the plate to the set of unbroken ribs above and below the wound. This stabilized the dwarf's flail segment. After the dwarf was stabilized, Farnoth's contact flipped on the pair, and Mordrin was handed over to the druchii leaders for torture. Farnoth escaped immediate capt

Allyssa's Assassin

Any powerful and neutral (or evil) character in the Old World will likely have an assassin working for them. While Allyssa is capable of neutralizing her own enemies, her person is usually needed someone else. For this reason, she has an assassin in her employ. While an elf would be the best for the job, Allyssa wanted someone a little less conspicuous. She chose a young human, saw to his upkeep and his training, and has him do her dirty work. He's not normally found in her home in Hobbly , but stays at whatever larger city he is near when his job is done. Allyssa can communicate with him via her magic necklaces . She also sends messages via courier. At other times she may pay him a personal visit.

Star Wars RPG 1

Our heroes find themselves on Centares, a planet being ecologically devastated by the Empire. They get caught in the crowd as a riot breaks out in front of the imperial governor's mansion. They were offered shelter and accepted it from a then unknown rebel operative named Beka Hath. Beka asked the group to deliver a holo- recording to one Zel Rider on Ord Mantell using a freighter docked in slot 39 at the local starport. Four Stormtroopers were eliminated on the way to the ship. The ship took flight and it's profile was scanned by a star destroyer before it departed Centares. Minor wounds were patched up in flight, and a helpful droid, R4-D9 was found on board. Ord Mantell was a slightly less troublesome planet. A clandestine meeting with Zel Rider, another rebel operative yielded a reward of 3000 credits for the delivery of the holo-recording of the massacre at Centares. When it dawned upon our heroes that their identities were known to the empire and implicated them in the mu

Warhammered Dwimmermount

I am finally, officially starting a Dwimmermount conversion to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Since I run 1/2 to 1 level a year at the local conventions, I'm in no hurry. Right now I'm just converting some background: Starting Knowledge About Dwimmermount for the players. Also, I've placed it on the map of Lustria. Starting Knowledge What follows is a run-down of the knowledge that an adventurer might expect to know about Dwimmermount prior to exploring it. This information is shared by academics in the expedition on the way to the mountain. Dwimmermount is located deep in the interior of Lustria, west of the ruins of Oyxl, which is west of the Mangrove Coast. Dwimmermount was excavated from the tallest mountain in the southern Spine of Sotek and is reputed to have at least half a dozen levels, if not double that number. The dungeon was the site for the most important magical research of past eras, including investigations into time, space, and the Old One

Latest Advisary

I feel like making a vampire* my next long-term big, bad, evil guy (BBEG). I'd start out very slow (and sly), becoming a clever force to be reckoned with before the party ever finds out he (or she!) is a vampire. This got me wondering, who is your favorite BBEG? Were they clever? Brutal? Friend turned enemy? Who is your favorite and why? *Sorry I lost you there. Perhaps, with the plans I have it would be OK?

Mini-Review: Suburbia

Suburbia was pitched to me as a board game version of SimCity. As such, I was not prepared for the game I ended up playing. I ended up being the most poor, least popular borough of town. Each round you buy a hex to add on to your developing area. They are residential, commercial, industrial, or civic hexes. Each hex costs money, but it may give you reputation or income. Choosing the right hexes to get the optimum results can delay each turn, especially with 3 players who haven't played before. The correlation to SimCity is a loose one. I spend many, many hours of my life playing different versions of that computer game. I can see myself getting interested in this game, knowing what the different upcoming hexes are and how they work together. However, I don't think this board game would ever replace my love for the computer game.

[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 38

My PC Maximillian Morningglory , Halfling Vampire Hunter Magnus the Pony My companions Udrin Sor-Valdir - High Elf Wizard Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Entertainer Durak Braksson - Dwarf NPCs Tegort - Ogre bodyguard Sir Ortolf Eiche ("Ike") - Magister and Wizard Lord of the Azyr Wind Abelhardt Mullberger - Journeyman Apprentice Oswin Pellensteiner - Conscripted Boatman The Bianca - Ludovic's river barge. ( Previous update ) "Udrin, don't you think we should call Ike out on his warpstone use? I mean...that's kind of a chaos-lover thing to do, and I'm opposed to such horrific people. I'd feel perfectly fine walking up to him and demanding his surrender. Well...with Tegort...and you...and maybe Ludovic. Do you think we could get Durak to come with us? What about the town watch?" Durak agreed that warpstone should not be played with and that we should confront the Magister before it spreads. However, Udrin was only concerned

Mini-Review: Thurn and Taxis

Thurn and Taxis is, of all things, a postal-route building game set in Germany. The goal is to score the most points by making progressively longer postal routes (from 3 cities up to 7 cities). The first person to make a 7 city long postal route triggers the end game. You can also get points by having a post office in every town of a colored section of the board (I believe there are 7 or so). You can get points by having a post office in every color of the board, too. It was a relatively quick game that I found surprisingly fun. There are enough towns available to choose from each turn that it is relatively easy to build your postal route (maybe I got lucky; who knows). Each turn is draw-a-card, play-a-card, with one of four special actions you can do per turn. These switch the game up enough to give you plenty of player agency. Beware, when you think you have one more turn to go around the table before you win, an opponent may use a special action to cut your game short.

Character Profiles: Vaervenshyael III

Vaervenshyael is an elf who has a lot of talent with a sword and a bad outlook on the world. She is tired of evil, injustice, and prejudice. She doesn't wait for established law to stick up for her or what she believe in. She would rather rely on the justice of her blade. Below are stats for this character during the height of her adventuring career. Beginning stats for the three different systems can be found  here . Duelist entry-level stats are here . Age : 69   Weight:  155  Height : 5'9"  Sex : F  Hair : Dark Brown  Eyes : Grey/Blue  Level : 9 Alignment:  G/CG  Description : Earring  Star Sign:  The Dancer Below are stats for WFRP 1e, WFRP 2e, and D&D 2e S&P. The Duelist  by  SBraithwaite WFRP 1e   Duelist (Complete Career) M  4  WS  80  BS  62  S  5  T  6  W  7  I  101*  A  2  Dex  41  Ld  47  Int  79  Cl  79  WP  62  Fel  47 IP  0  FP  1 Skills:  Dance, Disarm, Dodge Blow, Etiquette, Excellent Vision, Marksmanship, Night Vision, Ride

[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 37

My PC Maximillian Morningglory , Halfling Vampire Hunter Magnus  the Pony My companions Udrin Sor-Valdir  - High Elf Wizard Ludovic Hasselhoff  - Human Entertainer Durak Braksson - Dwarf NPCs Tegort  - Ogre bodyguard Sir Ortolf Eiche ("Ike") - Magister and Wizard Lord of the Azyr Wind Abelhardt Mullberger  - Journeyman Apprentice Oswin Pellensteiner - Conscripted Boatman ( Previous update ) Maximillian defused the tense situation in the bar by being forthright and friendly with the priest of Sigmar. Udrin also remained calm and as non-threatening as he could manage. In the end, the priest asked Udrin to translate for their captured "elf wizard." Everyone in the party went with Udrin, but nobody could understand the conversation. The two were speaking a dialect of Elvish. The party watched as the conversation ended with light flashing out of Udrin's eyes and into the elf prisoner, who was thrown back against his cage. Udrin told the rest of u


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Mini Review: King's Ransom

From BoardGameGeek: King’s Ransom is a 2-player strategy game pitting royal rivals against each other. Using the basic mechanics of chess, there’s an additional layer of strategy due to each card entering play hidden from the opposing player’s view. If you can set traps and lure your opponent into making mistakes, you might be able to snatch their King and ransom him for control of the kingdom! Turn Order: - Flip a face-down card so it is face up - Move a face-up card - Announce check, if applicable - Place a new card face down - Draw a card from your deck The cards are set up in a 3x6 rectangle. On your turn, you can place your new card face down anywhere on your 3x3 half of the rectangle. This is where I think the game could use a tweak. I'm not sure if the developers tried it with only being allowed to put new cards in your first two rows only , but I think that would help balance the game a bit. As it was, the game I played went pretty quickly because that third ro