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Regor the Sated

Regor the Sated, Hoarder of Ramen and Mice! "My eternity is spent trying to keep the mice away from the ramen."  I have to make these tiny cages to try to contain the mice. I can't even do it in dragon form; I have to polymorph into a gnome! Alternately, the low intelligence dragon spends his days combing the land for ramen, while his high intelligence mice spend his time away selling his ramen out from under him for profit...or cheese. 

Keep Burning Those Sacred Cows

Gaming & BS ran an episode where they answers listener questions. One was from a DM who had a player wanting to run a magic user in a no-magic world. Keep destroying the sacred in your gaming world . Response to a no magic world: I would think that a GM who has a no magic rule would have a good reason. I would also expect this would come up during session 0. The GM would have explained his world and his reasoning, and the players would have bought in or not at that time. The monkey wrench: the GM obviously made an exception to the rule at some point. Why? How did it go? Did it ruin the game for the DM (who is also a player, right?), for the magic using character, or for the rest of the any way, including spotlight issues? Did he tell them afterwards that there would be no more exceptions? Yes? Then stick to your guns. No, he didn't tell them after the last magic user that he wouldn't allow it again? Well then, he left himself wide open for anothe

Anchor'cast 2: Survival

Thanks to Ivy for the welcome to Anchor 'casting. I can’t figure out how to record replies, so I reply to Hobbs’ last Random Screed in my own recording. My PC doesn’t want to die!

[D&D 5e] Storm King's Thunder 1

Quarion - Half Elf Warlock (me) Gorthran - Dwarf Tempest Cleric Eldreth - Dwarf Fighter Dar - Human Ranger Seville - Half Orc Barbarian Sometimes it's not where you're running to, but where you're running from. This is how I found myself walking with a group of strangers into the wayward town of Night Stone. We had heard that we could find adventure there. We had heard we could find a library. We had heard Night Stone would be a place we could escape the past. Instead we walked into a battlefield. The town was in disarray. It looked like it had been bombarded by a dozen catapults. Maybe a spare trebuchet or two as well. I guess I'm not an expert on weapons of mass destruction. What I did know is that the temple's bells would not stop ringing. Unless it was the 87th hour of the day, those bells needed to stop. Inside we found two playful goblins riding the bell rope up and down like some sort of chaotic pogo-stick. (Of course we have pogo-sticks. They'r

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 11

Wilfried - Fence (me) Martin - Scout Larry - Bodyguard Wilhelm - Wizard Apprentice (Note: I missed session 10, so I don't have a write-up.) The party looked at the body of the dead beggar. It was torn apart, and not to long ago, according to the priestess of Shallya. The dead madman had an amulet, a gift possibly, from the house Teugen, which he had kept on his person apparently for many years. The party decided they had enough information to shadow the merchant houses at night and see what suspicious comings and goings occurred. Throughout the early evening, various parties entered the Teugen estate, all carrying packages. The party mugged one of the visitors. Wilhelm was dressed in the visitor's clothing, and carried the stolen package...which ended up holding cultist robes and an amulet. It was time to infiltrate House Teugen. The party opted for a direct assault through the main gate. Wilfried bandied with the bodyguard outside the gate until a suitable moment

An Anchorcast Full of Adventure

I hear Anchor FM is easy. I intermittently have ideas for a podcast. I merge the two, with a topic close to the current heart of this blog: game recaps/write-ups. Anchor Podcast: Session Write-ups