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Magic Item: Gloves of the Alteration Magi

These fire-red gloves quickly mold themselves to the wearer's hand and change color until they are indistinguishable from the wearer's skin. The gloves alter any Burning Hands spell cast through them. Instead of the caster's hands spread in front of him setting off a fan of fire, the caster can point his hands individually at any target(s) desired and send off a Scorcher spell. This altered spell causes 3d6 damage per hand to the target(s). The Scorcher spells send a straight jet of flame at the target(s) up to 25 feet away.

Magic Axe: Gorlandor

More on the magical weapon I created for our D&D 2e game: Forged by Regor Nikful, Dwarven Forgemaster, in dwarven centuries long gone, Gorlandor is a sentient blade which awaits a bloodthirsty follower of Tempus to awaken it. The axe’s metal haft has Regor’s personal rune engraved into it. When handled by a non-specialty priest of Tempus, the weapon is dull and heavy. It could be lost in the bowels of a dwarven treasure room for ages if not touched by the proper hands. In the hand of a Battleguard, the axe is perfectly balanced. Any such priest cleaning the weapon will uncover a shine to dull other magical weapons. This particular axe was found by Zorr Granitecleaver, a newly appointed Battleguard. When it came time for Zorr to head out into the world to propagate Tempus’s truth, the elders suggested that he take the axe with him. Currently unknown to Zorr is the sentience sleeping within. Soon the dwarf will face a threat that the axe deems worth to wake from its sleep

August 24th, 2009: Blitz of Styx at Khorne's Bloody Ragers

Thirty one thousand fans showed up for this chaos extravaganza. The Chaos team was out for blood, but the undead didn't have any to give. First Half: 1: Murtaugh Ironfist (R) got a casualty on Stenchterror (B). The zombie would have been dead, but he wasn't alive to begin with. He merely regenerated in the reserves box until the next drive. 7: Wolf (R) scored a TD! 8: Deadbone of Blood Ooze (B) got a casualty on Wolf (R). The beastman was badly hurt but will have no long term effects. 8: WarMaster Malus (R) got a casualty on Scumpus (B). The zombie's knee was smashed up, however he regenerated in the reserves box. Second Half: The Chaos team started the drive with their new kick off return, the "Chaos Wedge". Fans were very unhappy about this apparent forethought and planning and boooed the play. 2: Saul Soulreaver (R) got a casualty on Deadbone of Blood Ooze (B). The wight was badly hurt but will have no long term effect. 4: Beastlord Wrex (

Killer DM

I did it. For only the second time while running this gaming group, I have killed a PC. Not me, personally, of course, but the characters in the published adventure Keep on the Borderlands. The priest and his acolytes who lived in 7b did their job. They were killed afterward, but it was amazing. The party entered the kobold caves (A) at the Caves of Chaos. Three out of the four PCs fell in the pit trap at the first intersection, with the evil priest. That left a second level mage above ground with the two traitorous acolytes. The PC mage cast a Wall of Fog to protect himself from the attacking kobolds. That was all the opportunity and cover the acolytes needed. As soon as the mage couldn't see them, they attacked. The rest is PC history.

My Reading Queue

Last weekend I was getting low on books in my queue. I went to Borders and used a wonderful 40% off coupon. Now, also during the week, one of my co-gamers brought me a trilogy to read, and I found a book at work sitting in the break room that nobody has touched in years. Here's my current queue one week later: Grey Seer - Werner - WarHammer The Sword of Bedwyr - Salvatore Luthien's Gamble - Salvatore The Dragon King - Salvatore Sword Play - Emery - Forgotten Realms Dangerous Games (- Emery - Forgotten Realms Mortal Consequences - Emery - Forgotten Reamls Orcs: First Blood - Nichols Dissolution - Byers - Forgotten Realms Insurrection - Reid - Forgotten Realms Condemnation - Baker - Forgotten Realms The High King's Tomb - Britain

WarHammer FRP 3e

I just read on Grognardia about the new edition of WarHammer planned for release. I'm not excited. I've been in the WarHammer world for probably 15 years now. What WarHammer didn't have, or books I couldn't find to purchase, I created on my own. I have binders and folders and envelopes and computer files full of expansion material for WarHammer (1e). The game wasn't broken, though it did need some expansion work when it came to magic. This is stuff we, as a gaming group, worked through as necessary. I have played in a few WarHammer games and have ran many. I have not even come close to playing in or running all the scenarios that came with the first edition. I just don't have the time. The scenarios and the rules, however, gave plenty of take-off ideas to run games for years. When second edition came out, I ignored it. On purpose. I have put so much time into the first edition that I didn't even want to think about starting over. I still don&

Traps Needed

I'm looking some traps that fit well within a classic adventure (ODD modified to run in 2E Skills & Powers). The PCs are mowing through everything the adventure has to offer, of course, and for some reason the module is woefully lacking in the trap department. The thief never checks for traps, and the warrior priest just barrels ahead of the party without a care. I will get them, though. Can you help?