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Bangor Area Gamers Guild (BAGG)

BAGG is a non-profit group established by Flip Florey to connect people who like to play board games, card games, and dice games. The group normally meets every other week at the Bangor Public Library from 10 AM to 1 PM (often running over). Guild dues are $1 per meeting but waived for first time visitors and for members who bring a first time visitor. Guild dues are used for advertising mailings regarding upcoming events and to build up the game library. Currently the game library consists of whatever people bring with them to play. Previous games played include Settlers of Catan, Red November, Arkham Horror, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Dominion, Il Principe, Lost Cities, Small World, Blood Bowl, Kingdoms, Munchkin Card Game, Wasabi, Catan Dice Game, Blokus, and Shadows Over Camelot. BAGG on Facebook

Mage Robes

I just read in a book (Storm Front by Jim Butcher) that wizards wear robes because their laboratories are so cold. I like that idea. I'll take it step further in an adventure to say that when the wizard leaves the house, he puts on normal clothes. The other adventurers waiting for him can look on, confused. "What? Did you think I was wearing that out of the house? It's sweltering outside!"

Normal Item: Vial of Caltrops

A Vial of Caltrops is not a magical item, nor is it a tailor-made item, unless the physics of your world necessitate. All a Vial of Caltrops is is a vial containing any type of liquid. This vial, when emptied, may then be thrown on the floor, creating the same effect as dropping caltrops. Some liquids and potions are more popular to use in the Vial of Caltrops, considering they are ones that you are likely to use before running from a pursuer. Naturally, potions of Healing can be kept in a Vial of Caltrops. However, others such as Speed, Invisibility, and Gaseous Form are also popular potions for the vial. Use at will.

After the Caves of Chaos

My adventurers are at the Keep on the Borderlands and have just finished clearing out the Caves of Chaos. At one point they wanted into the keep's stronghold. Now they are thinking about leaving the keep and heading to more civilized lands where they can buy more goods (and weapons, etc.). Before they leave the Keep for good, I'm thinking about having them invade it. When the replacement PCs arrived to replace the ones who died in the Caves, they came with a caravan that was coming to strengthen the physical and influential power of the keep. If that caravan, headed by a chief rogue, were to take of the keep once let inside, then someone would be needed to set the castellan free. Who better than my PCs who wanted into the stronghold anyway? It would be a great crossover from playing Descent (as we are now) to getting back into roleplaying. I like the idea.

March 4th, 2010 - Hobbly's Heroes at Hell's Pit Warplocks

Welcome once again,sports fans! Today saw the Human team, Hobbly’s Heroes, take on the Skaven team, Hell’s Pit Warplocks. 23,000 fans showed up for the game today, not including the local rat population The weather was perfect and the game was a nailbiter! Here were today’s highlights: First Half Turn 1: Ditz Long-whiskers hurt himself trying to leap over the Hobbly line. He was out the rest of the game. Turn 1: LT got a casualty on Reeluz Musksquirter. The skaven missed the rest of the game. Turn 3: Belig the Clawer got a casualty on Joe Ratcatcher. Joe missed the rest of the game. Turn 3: LT got a casualty on Skreet. The skaven missed the rest of the game. Turn 5: Shagrax threw a completion to Rakk Cartdodger. Turn 5: Rakk Cartdodger scored a TD! Turn 5: Jorje Farmer threw a completion to Fred Trapper. Turn 7: Jorje Farmer threw a completion to Jimmy Fisher Turn 7: Jimmy Fisher scored a TD! Turn 8: LT got a casualty on Belig the Clawer. The skaven s

February 272th, 2010: Wolfenburg Warherd at Black Pass Skullstompas

Welcome sports fans! Today saw the Chaos team, the Wolfenburg Warherd, take on the Black Pass Skullstompas, one of two orc teams in the league currently. 27,000 fans showed up to watch this match. The weather was perfect for the opening game of the new stadium, and the game was exciting…at least after the first half was over. Here were today’s highlights: First Half Turn 5: Beastlord Rend scored a TD! Second Half Turn 2: Khurr Hamfist got a casualty on Fang. The beastman missed the rest of the game. Turn 3: Skullobber Frauk threw a completion to Ghorn Horseraper. Turn 4: Trunk 2-eyes killed the beastman Razr! Turn 6: Ghorn Horseraper scored a TD! The final kickoff of the second half ended the game in a riot! Overtime Turn 2: Grukk 2-kays got a casualty on Mudd. The beastman missed the rest of the game. Turn 2: Khee-runch scored a TD, giving the orcs the win! Until next time, this is Johann the Madd reporting.

February 12th, 2010: Wolfenburg Warherd at Grunge's Goons

Welcome again, sports fans! Today saw the Chaos team, the Wolfenburg Warherd, take on the dwarves, Grunge’s Goons. Amazingly, 26,000 fans showed up to watch this match between two new team in the league. As with everywhere else in the Old World, the beastmen in the stands seemed to outnumber the dwarves. There was a blizzard here today. I am getting thoroughly sick of working in the cold snow. The only thing that kept me warm was the high level of violence in today’s game. There weren’t many notable plays, but both teams spent a fair amount of time on the ground. As a matter of fact, the Warherd ended the game with only one player on his…uhh…her…uhh…its feet…uhh…hoofs. Here were today’s highlights: First Half Upon opening kickoff, someone threw a rock from the stands and hit the Goons’ Blitzer Doknox. The dwarf spent the next two turns wandering the board aimlessly. Turn 4: Fang (Warherd) got a casualty on George Blitzer (Goons), sending him off the pitch for the rest

February 6th, 2010: Hobbly's Heroes at Hell's Pit Warplocks

Hello, sports fans, and welcome to today’s matchup! Today we get to see the humans, Hobbly’s Heroes take on the skaven , Hell’s Pit Warplocks. There are reportedly 31,000 fans taking in today’s game, with skaven fans slightly outnumbering the human fans. In the past, we’ve noticed that the human fans don’t like getting gnawed on every time the skaven score. The weather is fine, though there are reports of a storm heading this way. Hobbly has won the coin toss and has elected to kick off. One person conspicuously absent at the moment is Hobbly’s rookie catcher, Jimmy Fisher. The correspondent on the sideline says that Jimmy hasn’t come out of the bathroom yet. It must be a case of rookie jitters. Coach Roger is pounding on the bathroom door now while his team lines up to kick. The kick is a touchback and the Warplocks will start with the ball in the hands of a fast gutter runner. Oooo! Skaven Skreet, the one who may or may not have scored that touchdown last game, dependi