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Anchor'cast 4: Rolling Dice

I probably think you roll dice too often.

Resource Management in RPGs

Roleplaying games are all about resource management. This game of D&D we play is often the ultimate game of resource management. Whether is be ammunition, weapons, magic, or even gold, the characters need to manage resources in order to improve. Why am I checking the stormtrooper's body in Star Wars? Because I only have so many shots left until my blaster is empty. At that time, I can either be weaponless or I can use that scavenged blaster. Why his breastplate? Well, next time I get shot in the chest, I can either say "good thing I had the breastplate" or I can say "that jerk GM told me not to worry about looting the stormtrooper in the last room." Why do I take as much gold as possible out of the dungeon? Because I, my family, and my friends have to eat. In a roleplaying game, you put yourself in the shoes of your character. Does your character want to live? Does your character want to eat? Does your character have to support themselves outside the dunge

Anchor'cast 3: Games I'm Playing

Listen to me talk about the games I'm currently in.

Old School: Rolling

I'd like to share a game theory with you: don't roll dice unless the DM asks you to. I have dice. I want to roll my shiny dice. I want to tell stories of how the dice failed me at a critical time or how the dice came through for me when all hope seemed lost. However, keep in mind, with a roll, there is a chance of failure. If you can talk your DM into letting you do things without making you roll, there is no failure. Or he flat out tells you that you can’t do it. There may be times the DM doesn’t think you need to roll. Just having the skill is enough to bring you success. Or the chance of failing is so low. Or you’re going to succeed eventually, so let’s not bog the game down. If you roll, the DM suddenly has a sanctioned random chance he can hold against you.