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WFRP: Doomstones Campaign

One thing I'm noticing as I re-read the Doomstones campaign is that it is much more D&D set in the WarHammer world than recent products. What I mean by that is there are quite a few magical items and there is very little mind-bending chaos. Sure, there is a whole region that the PCs travel through that is chaos-ridden, but it's mostly just backdrop. There really isn't the in-your-face, PCs vs chaos fighting for the very survival of the human race. It's mostly 'go to this location, explore, fight, find this item, go to another location' kind of adventure. It's the kind of thing I would have written, coming from D&D to WarHammer like I did. That's probably why I liked it so much back in the day. For convention play, I might have to tweak a few things to give players a real feel for the chaos of the Old World.

Magic Item: Bracers of Daemon Strength

PC:  These bracers are found, far from the rest of the armor they belonged with. They are dark red and in good condition. Alternately, there may be a small spike in the center of the bracers, if the GM desires. Relatively weak-looking black straps hold them on. When donning the bracers, the character immediately feels stronger, almost indomitable.   Their clothing/armor may fits tighter and is definitely lighter. It is a good feeling, leaving the wearer with no desire to take the bracers off...possibly ever. GM:  These are Bracers of Daemon Strength. They increase the strength of the character wearing them by +2, up to a max of 9 S. Immediately after the character is used to the bracers and has fallen in love with them (so to speak), the chaos effect will kick in. Roll on the Warrior of Chaos Mutation table (WFRP pg 230). This mutation will slowly begin. The character will also begin to act in a way which represents one of the chaos gods. Choose one that fits the tone of your game

Gaming Inspiration: Destro's Hideout

In one of the last episodes of the GI Joe cartoon I watched, Destro had hidden his base of operations in an old Mayan ruin. Outside was an ancient stepped pyramid, while inside was a factory for weapons of mass destruction. I really like the idea of setting up shop inside ancient ruins. You'd think that good guys would be less likely to destroy the place trying to get at the enemy. The bad guy, however, has no such compunction. In order for this part to work, I'd actually have to have the fight effect the scenery. I suppose this happens more in games with guns than it does in fantasy setting games...except fireballs! There can also be old magic around for druids or wizards to tap into. Maybe they get a bonus to spells at the location?

WFRP: The Streets of Morrslieb (6th Sitting)

(I'm going to change the sitting number from the number of the sitting's I've played to the actual number of sitting's the GM has run for this campaign. How's that for shedding egocentrism? ) Thursday night we played out sixth sitting of our biweekly WarHammer game. It was all action. We had a new player, which we didn't interact with until the end of a 3 hour sitting. He was, however, part of the initiative rotation and doing things the whole time. My PC Mordrin Skorkinson, Troll Slayer. All I really know about him is his name, his weapon, and his job. However, as far as I can tell, his job finished when we reached the gate of the city last night. From there I just had to wing it. He now wields a shiny sword taken from a slain hobgoblin. His previous weapon, an orc Choppa, is held in his left hand for lack of anywhere else to store it. His only other "possession" is the section of a tent he has wrapped around his middle as a kilt. My compan

WFRP Slayer Cool: 1e vs 2e

WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay slayers are dwarves who have been disgraced and seek death by the most violent means possible. They are constantly looking for a big, bad opponent that is worthy of bringing the dwarf their "mighty doom." In that regard, it seems silly to have them running from a scary opponent. This point, and my research of this point, let to this side-by-side comparison of first edition vs second edition. First edition: The dwarf starts with a Cool of 2d10+40, so anywhere between 42 and 60. That already means he's keeping his cool and not running away during Fear and Terror tests 42-60% of the time. The Troll Slayer (beginning career) has an advance scheme of +20 for Cool. Now the Slayer is not running away 62-80% of the time. That's much better. Second edition The dwarf starts with a Willpower of 20+2d10. (Keep in mind that WP replaces Cl in 2e). That means he's only keeping his cool 22-40% of the time. Now give the dwarf Stout Hearted, and that bum

Pie Week, Day 2

I was thinking about breaking down  Pie Week  for the blog here.  I got just enough interest in it from here and from Google+ that I decided to go for it. Day 2: Morning: Most people will probably sleep in a bit, followed by the awakening of those who need to get ready for a busy day. Vendors will set up around the archery site and the arena, mostly selling food, but also other local trinkets. Archery events commence again around 1 in the afternoon in a field. Everyone has the morning to themselves. Event 1: Archery - The Wild Boar Shot:  A life-sized wild boar target will be partially obscured by high grass. The archer has to shoot from behind a tree at long range. Six sharp arrows are allowed.  Points: Body - 3, Head - 2, anywhere else - 1 Event 2: Archery - The Distance Shoot:  This was a distance shot at a human-sized target different colors. The target was across a stream at long range. Six sharp arrows are allowed. Points: Gold (head shot) - 5, Red (body shot) -

On Advancement

The question was asked, "Do you feel that "character advancement" is necessary for an RPG that is intended for campaign play. Or do you think that people are capable of coming up with their own goals?" I think the most important part of an RPG was mentioned in the very last part of the question: goals. The player, even more so than the character, needs goals.  In an adventure, the goal is usually stated outright or given to you in a way that it's rather obvious. We like to call them "plot hooks."  In a one-shot or a convention game, the goal is often listed so the player can see what it is before they even sign up. In a sandbox game, you often see multiple plot hooks thrown out until the party bites onto one. Either way, the party has an idea of what the goals are for the game.  There can be a couple different types of campaigns, too. There is one where the goal is obvious and stretches across multiple sessions. This campaign is almost just a lo

Hobbly Citizen: Frederick Trapper

Alone, by a small pond in the middle of the Hobbly woods lives an interesting young man by the name of Frederick the Trapper.  Frederick is named after his career. As such, he used to spend his free time outside of Hobbly's walls catching squirrel, raccoon, rabbit, deer, or anything else with mean and a hide he could sell. That was until the BloodBowl recruiting began. It seems that Frederick is not only good at trapping animals, but is also good a trapping (ie catching) a ball. He's actually the most accomplished player on the team, Hobbly's Heroes. Frederick has been a Catcher for the team Hobbly's Heroes from its inception. MA  8  ST  2  AG  3  AV  7  Skills  Catch, Dodge, Block, Diving Catch, Sure Hands Stats:  12 TDs, 1 casualty, 1 game MVP

Book Review: Botanical Blues

Botanica Blues by Tristan Tarwater is a short story in a deep setting. There's subculture, detective work, military history, flashbacks, otherworldly/Elder figures, religion, family, and complete and utter hopelessness.  This story appealed to me, as one who has written a couple of short stories about struggle and hopelessness.

Pie Week, Day 1

I was thinking about breaking down Pie Week for the blog here.  I got just enough interest in it from here and from Google+ that I decided to go for it. Day 1: Competitor's Breakfast: Held in a field in town. Rows and rows of tabled and benched lined the field. The food included pork, bacon, pastries, bread, wine, fruits, cheese, nuts, fish, eggs, milk, vegetables, butter, and jams. Breakfast began with an introduction from the mayor.  Breakfast was served until midday. Two hour siesta. Event 1: Archery - The Wall Shot: The archers shot from a construction resembling a wooden picket wall. The target was a dummy dressed up like a hobgoblin in armor. Points were scored depending on the area hit. It was difficult shoot as the archer had to stand on an archer's step, looking over the makeshift wall, making it a problem to see the target properly. Six sharp arrows were allowed. All shots were long range, with appropriate negatives.  Points: Head - 5, Body - 3, 1 anyw

Magic Item: Bracers of Warrior Strength

PC: These bracers are found, far from the rest of the armor they belonged with. They are of steel, with blackened ridges along the edges. Alternately, there may be a small spike in the center of the bracers, if the GM desires. Relatively weak-looking leather straps hold them on. When donning the bracers, the character immediately feels stronger.  Their clothing/armor may fit a bit tighter. It is a good feeling, leaving the wearer with no desire to take the bracers off. GM: These are Bracers of Chaos Warrior Strength. They increase the strength of the character wearing them by +1, up to a max of 5 S. Ever so slowly, Chaos will start working on the character's mind. It will be subtle, and not necessarily noticeable by others in the party. The GM can lead the character during ethically grey areas, "You are sure it wouldn't be that bad to do--." The bracers send chaos "feelers" out into the wearer's forearm. Soon they are magically linked to the cha

On Elves

Recently on G+ the questions were asked, "What do you feel are the essential components of being an Elf, something that you feel should be true across all systems and settings? In the opposite vein, what is your favorite sub-type of Elf and why?" I have always liked playing elves, both in D&D and in WarHammer.  There is something that's different enough from humans that really attracts me. I don't think an elf should be a human with pointed ears. Here's my answer to the question: Essential components for elves include long life spans and inherent magic (like dragons). While human may be capable of magic, elves should have an affinity or even a dependence . Magic should not be foreign or uncomfortable to them. In this vein, I think all elf subtypes could have their own inherent spells, much like Forgotten Realms Drow.  My favorite sub-type is usually a wood elf, or a savage elf, but that's just because it reflects my likes. I like the idea of be

Hobbly Citizen: Paris "the Sassy"

Smack-dab in the middle of the town of  Hobbly  is a rather...unique...urban house with a similarly unique resident.  In the house lives one Paris, called "The Sassy*" by townsfolk due to his high-falootin' airs. Paris is a noble (WFRP career). We designated him the 7th son, meaning he has the family name but just about nothing else...except a little more money than the average resident. His urban house has a sun-room filled with plants. When a Blood*Bowl recruiter came to town looking at local talent, Paris decided he had nothing to lose and tried out for the team. Paris is not really well liked, and the coach never hesitates to put him in the most dangerous situations, yet Paris seems to thrive in his role as a Thrower.  He has actually accomplished more than the regular starting quarterback because he's always in the midst of the action (because the coach doesn't care if he gets hurt). It turns out Paris has a knack for throwing a football. He has been a Th

Kickstarter: Torn Armor Minis

A link to this Kickstarter caught my attention on Google+...or I should rather say a picture of one of the miniatures caught my attention. I don't really care for the two primary miniatures or the next couple of stretch goal miniatures, but this Dark Mermaid Princess got the old creative wheels turning! I had never pictured a merman/mermaid via pirate theme. I need to stat this up for WarHammer.

Verdendrage Locale: K'Shanaagar

The Great Desert: The Free City of K’Shanaagar (aka "Sactuary") As its name depicts, it is a “free” city, because anything goes…for a price. The city is ruled by a “Prince” who usually rises through infamy (or straight-out slaughter). The prince is said to be a respectable person with no ties with the underworld of crime, yet he almost always gets some cut of any exchange. Many goods reach the lands of Wolgar, Vaselhof, and Turnal through this city; goods that are cheaper in price than those exported by the Caliph.

Hobbly Pie Week

A few years ago I was searching for some in-town type adventures for my WarHammer Fantasy campaign and I came across the idea of having a festival week. Someone had posted online what types of events you could have at a festival week, including jousting, archery, and baking contests. I took those ideas, ran with them, and converted them to my WarHammer genre. Each day of the week had a couple different events, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each day also included a grand feast in a common field. Everyone in town was invited. The PCs were welcome to enter any of the events that struck their fancy. This necessitated statting up some of the townfolk, but it was worth it. However, because this was WarHammer, with each fun day worth of events, I had something sinister going on either while everyone was in the field playing or at night. These sinister plots built up...the enemy did their reconnoitering, and all chaos broke loose during the last event of the celebration week

Hobbly Citizen: Jorje Farmer

In the southeast corner of the town of Hobbly  is a rather large farm responsible for providing all manner of crops to the residents.  Let by the patriarch, Jorje, the men of the family (he and his 3 sons) toil long hours to provide.  However, one day something interesting happened and Jorje's life has never been the same. A Blood*Bowl recruiter came to town looking at local talent. He had heard amazing things about the Heroes of Hobbly and was hoping to find some who wanted to play in his league. Now, the heroes were out doing heroic deeds, but he grabbed the most able-bodied in the town and took them to the pit where they could run through some plays. It turns out Jorje Farmer has quite the knack for throwing a football. He has been the starting Thrower for the team Hobbly's Heroes from its inception. Jorje has the Pass skill, as well as Sure Hands. Through play, he has acquired quite the reputation for being Accurate.  He has thrown 10 completions and been the MVP for on

[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 5

Last night we played my third sitting of our biweekly WarHammer game. I think the other players have had 5 sittings, but I joined late. We had more good laughs and character interaction. My PC Mordrin Skorkinson, Troll Slayer. All I really know about him is his name, his weapon, and his job. He started last night where we left off last game...with no clothing and a fungal infection. Also, he wields an Orc "choppa" he picked up off a dead body (pretty much just a large cleaver). My companions: A Brettonian Knight An Elf Student A Dwarf Priestess NPC Encounters and dressing The sitting was just one (relatively) large night battle with an assortment of evil creatures who followed us down the mountain. There was a large orc "boss," his three goblin underlings, and a hobgoblin. The elf also thinks he saw a dark elf and a chaos dwarf. Since I didn't see them, I'm skeptical. The elf made a pincushion of the orc boss, almost killing him before we eve