AD&D World: Verdendrage

This is a setting my friend used for our AD&D 2e game. I wanted to get it down to save it.


Wyrm Lords once ruled the whole known world using humans, dwarves, elves, and halflings as servants and food (a delicacy). About 700 winters ago, a small force of Drakoons lead the humanoids in revolt against the Wyrm Lords who had become complacent in their 900 winters rule of domination. Ten Drakoons and their humanoid armies drove the Wyrm Lords from the Eastern lands. The 10 Drakoons began to divide the east under their rule, but the humans and their allies had already had a taste of freedom and its rewards. The allies divided evenly between the humanoid races and the Draco races.
  • He modified/created dragon lords using the Council Of Wyrms boxed set. These dragons were nasty!
  • Magic was very prevalent across all nations.
  • There was one nation ruled by an oligarchy council.
  • He created his own pantheons, basing a lot of skills and powers from the Skills & Powers book. (He let me co-create the were-priest religion.)
  • There was a region ruled by a college of wizards.

Monster Races

Wyrm Lords (Dragons)

PC Races

Human Were-Priests


The Caliphate

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