Magic Item Update

The sword +level magic item is extremely powerful, especially in the hands of a character who essentially got min/maxed. I'm dealing with a third level dwarven cleric (of Tempus...with Fighter skills) who can probably take on 6-7 HD creatures, which the pre-generated adventure I'm running isn't prepared for. You know what, though? I don't mind.

The WarHammer Fantasy Roleplaying game that I run is incredibly...sparce. Money is hard to come by, magic is hard to come by, survival is actually difficult. The players don't get much, and they have to make do with what they have. They've been through mutations and demons and cults and hunger and distrust and jail. Through it all, the players were fully into the game. They were having fun. They weren't seriously complaining.

So, now that I have a chance to run a little bit of a Monty Haul D&D 2E adventure, I really don't mind. I like the items I've given out - the dwarf named his weapon at the first sitting. Little does he know its true powers. Wait until the sentience in the weapon talks to him for the first time. Muhahahahahahaha!


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