WFRP Town: Hobbly

Map by Timothy Stone /

Hobbly Town Council

Hobbly Adventures
Pie Week - Each day of the week had a couple different events, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each day also included a grand feast in a common field. Everyone in town was invited. The PCs were welcome to enter any of the events that struck their fancy. However, because this was WarHammer, with each fun day worth of events, I had something sinister going on either while everyone was in the field playing or at night. These sinister plots built up...the enemy did their reconnoitering, and all chaos broke loose during the last event of the celebration week.
Pie Week, Day 1
Pie Week, Day 2
Pie Week, Day 3
Pie Week, Day 4

Hobbly Map Key

1) Random PC house—“Public”

2) Rural House--Private
a. F’lore—Dragonslayer Dwarf
b. K’nar—Paladin of Arianka Elf
c. K’shan—Wizard Elf

3) Prospector’s—Lewis 

4) Noble’s Estate—Private
a. James—Noble (Retired Mercenary)
b. Agatha--Spouse
c. Julie--Child
d. Adam--Child
e. Patrick—Squire (acts as Man at Arms)
f. Toby—Servant

5) Barn to Noble’s Estate—Private

6) Hobbly General Store
a. Samuel—Storekeep
b. Edith—Spouse
c. Jody—Daughter

7) Milliner’s
a. Geary—Owner/Operator
b. Dawn—Spouse
c. Marc—Son
d. Brett—Son
e. Marie—Daughter

8) Remote Cabin
a. Frederick—Trapper

9) Remote Cabin
a. Steven (Wright)—Hermit

10) West Toll
a. Albert—Tollkeeper
b. (2 Watchmen who live elsewhere)

11) Hogshead Inn
a. Lance—Innkeeper
b. Martha—Wife/cook
c. Eliza—Daughter
d. Meredith—Daughter

12) Golden Griffin Tavern
a. Stanley—Owner/Barkeep
b. Zena—Spouse/Cook
c. Jenna—Daughter/Barmaid
d. Brian—Son/Helper
e. Gina—Daughter/Helper
f. Meek--Entertainer

13) Aevsen—Bower/Fletcher Elf

14) Town Hall—(Mayor)

15) Jail
a. Grendel—Jailor
b. (6 very small cells)

16) Weapon Shop—(Beowulf)

17) Well

18) Armor Shop
a. Arnon—Armorer Artisan
b. Shiela—Spouse
c. Jesse—Daughter

19) Mayor’s Estate
a. Johann—Mayor
b. Celinda—Spouse
c. Jessica—Daughter
d. Thomas—Son
e. Herrick—Gamekeeper
f. Gene—Gamekeeper
g. Carson—Bodyguard
h. (2 Watchman at gate)

20) Temple
a. Sherman—Head Priest
b. William—Acolyte
c. Davis—Acolyte

21) Medical Building
a. Adon—Physician
b. Krueger—Apprentice
c. Jasok—Apprentice
d. Nancy—Housekeeper

22) University (school for all ages)
a. Jeffrey—Scholar (young ages)
b. Timothy—Scholar (middle ages)
c. Richard—Scholar (college)
d. 30 Random college students

23) Market Square
a. Benjamin--Calligrapher
b. Raymond—Calligrapher Apprentice
c. Fain—Peddler
d. Sherrax—Trader
e. Cheryl—Seer
f. Priss—Druidic Priest
g. Daniel—Blacksmith

24) Arena

25) White Wyvern Inn/Tavern 
a. Merrick—Inn/Barkeep
b. Tabitha—Spouse/Cook
c. Samantha—House/Barmaid
d. Juanita—House/Barmaid
e. Dorian--Elf Adventurer (Steve)

26) East Toll
a. Henry
b. (2 Watchmen who live elsewhere)

27) Graveyard
a. Warlos, York, Surestrike 

28) Rural House—Private
a. Stumpy--Pitfighter (Steve)
b. Gondmir (John)

29) Rural House—Private
a. Allyssa—Retired (Roger)
-Magic Item: Allyssa's Extra Eyes
b. Razmar—Wizard (Kris)

30) Farmstead 
a. Jorje—Farmer/Blood*Bowl Thrower
b. Margie—Wife
c. Bob—son
d. Jared—son
e. Matthew—son

31) Farmstead
a. Dunlad Guttman—Farmer
b. Emily—Spouse
c. Brock—Son
d. Merrilee—Daughter
e. Merle—Son

32) Rural House 
a. Beowulf—Weaponer
b. Sheila—Spouse
c. Kent—son

33) Watchtower
a. (2 Targeteers)
b. (Mercenary Captain)

34) Farmstead 
a. Thompson—Farmer
b. Chandra—Spouse
c. Nellie—Daughter
d. Simpson—Herdsman (brother)

35) Lakehouse
a. Lofton—Fisherman
b. Carolyn—Spouse
c. Abigail—Daughter

36) Remote Shack (fixer-upper)
a. Rolly—Watchman

37) Lakehouse 
a. Lothar—Retired Merc. Capt. (Roger) (Blood*Bowl Stats)
   (Lothar: Beginnings. Short Story.)
b. Kelvin (Moved away, but will "always have a room here")

38) Boathouse
a. Carter—Boatman
b. Drucilla—Spouse

39) Lakehouse
a. Spencer—Hunter
b. Gail—Spouse
c. Jill—Daughter
d. Jimmy—Son
e. Ethan—Son
f. Dolly—Daughter

40) Lakehouse (York’s Family)
a. Hank—Father
b. Kate—Mother
c. Kendal—Brother
d. Denise—Sister

41) Urban House 
a. Felix—Coachman
b. Charlotte—Spouse

42) Urban House
a. Roger—Mercenary Captain

43) Urban House
a. Hugh—Trader
b. Melanie—Spouse
c. Kristi—Daughter

44) Urban House with Sunroom Garden 
a. Paris “The Sassy”—Noble (7th son)

45) Alchemy Shop 
a. George—Alchemist
b. Sandra—Spouse
c. Damien—Son

46) Urban House
a. Gr’Nack—Runner Dwarf

47) Leather Shop 
a. Tolk—Leatherworker
b. Yetzel—Spouse
c. Hamish—Son
d. Edna—Daughter

48) Urban House
a. Joe—Ratcatcher
b. Pearl—Spouse
c. Eddie—Son (Apprentice Ratcatcher)
d. Veronica—Daughter
e. Kelly—Daughter
f. Cliff—Son
g. Jr—Son

49) Urban House 
a. Alex—Targeteer
b. Sharon—Spouse
c. Bryce—Son

50) Urban Apartments
a. Gerard—Watchman
b. Ralph—Watchman
c. Peter—Watchman
d. Neal—Watchman

51) Urban House
a. Haseem—Hypnotist

52) Urban House
a. Kel “Eagle Eye”—Targeteer
b. Marion—Spouse
c. Heather—Daughter
d. Grant—Son

53) House with Mill
a. Olander—Tailor
b. Ione—Spouse
c. Teri—Daughter
d. Walt—Son
e. Lenny—Son

54) Rural House 
a. Bethany—Woodman

55) Urban House 
a. Jason—Watchman
b. Heidi—Seamstress
c. Julia—Daughter
d. Eunice—Daughter

56) Guard post 
a. Old Ralph—Watchman

57) Caves

T) Tailor’s Shop (Olander)

B) Brewer’s Shop
a. Varney—Brewer

L) Lawyer’s Estate (Wainwrights)
a. Nassic—Lawyer
b. Candace—Spouse
c. Rufus—Son

M) Merchant’s House
a. Scotty—Merchant
b. Tara—Spouse
c. Slyke—Servant

W) Woodsmen Camps
a. Lot—Woodsman
b. Martin—Woodsman
c. Jeremy—Trapper/Hunter/Woodsman
d. Don—Cook

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