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Magic Item: Poison Dagger and Sheath

My third PC is going to be a rogue. I had some trouble thinking up a unique magical item for this character; one that would increase in power as the PC went up in levels. This is what I settled on. I fully expect that a rogue will choose either a dagger or a short sword as one of their weapons. This dagger/short sword will come paired with a magical sheath. When the character pulls the weapon from the sheath, it will be magically coated in a poison that puts people to sleep. The target will get a saving throw, naturally, put I'm thinking about negatives to the saving throw due to the magical properties. Maybe not, since Sleep is a spell and there aren't any negatives to that saving throw. For each level of the PC, that is how many times they can use the poison on the dagger before it has to be re-sheathed (out of commission for 1 round). This could become very deadly (so now I'm rethinking the negatives to the saving throw). I'm confident that the PCs will hav

Magic Item: Wand of Channeling

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm looking for feedback for some magical items I have come up with for my next game. The goal is for them to have something cool to start out with, but not something too powerful. Because of this, I have chosen items that get more powerful as the PC goes up levels. The Wand of Channeling, which probably needs a different name, is simply this: a wand that you cast your Magic Missile spell through. The result of casting your spell through the wand is that you end up shooting out one missile per PC level. At level one, things would start out normally, one missile. At level two, it starts to get stronger than the spell in the book. This is because you are channeling through the wand. That's the basic gist. I'm in a hurry this morning, so that's all you get. There should be enough there to leave an informed opinion, though. Please share them.

Magic Item: Sword +(level)

I'm looking for some feedback on some magical items I have come up with. The first is a sword that gets stronger as the PC goes up in levels. At level one, it is a sword +1. At level two, it is a sword +2. Ad infinitum. My thought is that a +1 sword isn't too powerful for a first level character, heck these editions it's just called a Masterwork sword, if I understand correctly. Also a +2 sword isn't too bad for a second level PC to have, etc. But if the sword grows with the PC, then it's something a little more special. The sword's value comes not only from getting stronger with the PC's levels, considering PCs are likely to find swords of similar power at similar levels. The sword's value can come from it's rarity (you don't have to find or buy a new sword at each level), and it's power. A sword that grows with the PC's power probably, at some point, has a sentient will of its own. If the sword doesn't start with a wil

Economic Stimulus: Merging Dice Bags

I have two dice bags. One is my old one from days of roleplaying yore. It's stuffed to just about bursting with 10 siders (gotta love WarHammer!), 8 siders (2nd edition cleric, anyone?), and 6 siders (fireball!). Relatively recently I purchased a newer, bigger dice bag to hold another purchase: a Pound-O-Dice (C). My old dice bag is...old, and worn, and full. Just this morning I came up with the thought of merging the two into the larger bag. Has anybody heard about any kind of p residence for this? Is this dice taboo? What would Bob Herzog say? Please, I need your expert opinion on the subject.