April 25th, 2009: Khorne's Bloody Ragers at Black Pass Skullstompas

Again, the weather was perfect for BloodBowl! 13,000 fans showed up for the Ragers and 9,000 showed up for the Skullstompas. It was another popular game in chaotic style.

First Half
Turn 1: Rak Knuckleraper (S) blocked Wargor Wrex (R). Both were hurt on the play. Wrex suffered a casualty resulting in a serious concussion, causing him to miss the next game and have a -1 to his armor value. Rak was thought dead, but after being attended by the apothecary it turned out he was only badly hurt.

Turn 5: Bestigor Gruff (R)fouled Ort Groinsmasher (S), was caught by the ref, and ejected from the game. Ort was only stunned.

Second Half
A Rager fan threw a rock at Vik Ogretripper (S), causing Vik to strain his groin and miss the next game.

Turn 3: Wargor Wolf (R) scored the only touchdown of the game.

Turn 6: Org Beastsnorter (S) stopped Beastlord Broo's (R) block, causing a casualty on Broo. Broo will miss the next game.

This is Johann the Mad reporting.


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