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Warhammer Setting Presentation

There was another question in the WFRP 2e G+ Community about getting players into the Warhammer setting when they haven't read the books. I agree with a few other comments stating it is rather a blessing to have players who haven't read the entire cannon of the world you're playing in. For him to give them the Warhammer atmosphere, I suggested this: A short background [for] each character could set the mood. Then you can add more background information with each sitting: what's going on locally, provincially, Empire-wise that people would be talking about. Portray the setting with each NPC they interact with. They are cautious, distrustful, scraping to survive. And why? There are nobles, lawyers, and merchants trying to take their money. Cultists, mutants, and beastmen trying to take their lives. Make sure your scenes are framed in a WFRP view in your head before you paint them for the players. How do you present the Warhammer world to players who know nothing about