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In case I haven't mentioned it yet, SnowCon is coming up. I'm looking forward to running WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) this year (I signed up to do it at last year's con). However, I do have this one problem. I play the original version of WFRP, or 1e, if you will. Unfortunately, that version is no longer supported. Supplies are hard to find, and when you do find them they are expensive (I'm still looking for the disposable income to purchase the Doomstones campaign from Amazon). If I run 1e and people love it, they would be hard pressed to start playing. If I run 2e, I need to get used to the updated system, and fast. I've read the handbook, decided some things are cool and somethings aren't, and put the book away. Like 1e, it does come with an adventure in the back, so running it might not be that hard. I just have to decide. Also, I've heard tell that 3e is in the works. How long will it be before 2e isn't supported anymore, either?

Dice for Christmas

I will be adding dice to my Christmas list for the first time ever. I own a good deal of dice already, and I never hesitate to buy dice when I want them, but how much better would it be to unwrap them on Christmas Morning? With a "Hoody hoo," and then roll them across the floor. Plus, these are some special dice, some different dice. I'm looking at Crystal Castle's Synthetic Opal 12mm Dwaven Stones. Also, thanks to Kenzerco, I can request d10,000! How many of your friends have these? I'm thinking of getting orange, kind of a fiery color. I might want purple, though...more noble or wizardly.

The Caves

Since you are no longer following an evil, deranged barbarian around the hillside, you notice that the trees in front of (cave K) are obscenely twisted and oddly bloated. The grass looks thin and brittle. During those short seconds when you're not moving and your armor isn't creaking, you think you can hear a faint moan coming from the cave. It is definitely the least inviting cave in this area.