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Sigmarzeit 8 - 10

We leave Bovi on the barge around 6 PM On board, I practiced using my bow some more with Henry. He had cut some fake arrows from some reeds at the dock. He's still not the greatest. How he ever managed to kill that large rat is beyond me. Lord Erik is making a good show of running the ship, but if you look closely, you can tell that Alan, one of Darryl's confidants, is really running the ship. Alan and the rest of the crew are really working our new recruits. I wonder if they realize how much we need the new people to complete our mission. Starlana looks very unhappy when she observes the rough treatment. 9th I was told we were heading to Morin, a small town of only around 200 people and our last stop before the end of the river. I don't expect there will be much to recruit from. I practiced some more with my bow. I seem to be getting better and faster. I can shoot two arrows while Henry shoots one. We arrived at the town around 5PM. We headed straight for

March 28th, 2009: Skullstompas vs Heroes

On Saturday, March 28th the Black Pass Skullstompas took the pitch against Hobbly's Heroes for the first Olde Worlde League game of the season. Fifteen thousand rowdy BloodBowl fans took the stands for the inaugural game. The weather was perfect, as was the game. There were two casualties and 5 knockouts for Saturday's game, giving the fans a taste of what's to come in the future. For casualties, Varg Facepuller badly hurt Hobbly's Patrick Squire, causing him to miss the rest of the game yet suffer no long term effects. Hobbly's ogre, Brakk Badgerbreath, repaid the favor when he badly hurt Gort Sheepbane. Again, the player missed the rest of the game yet will suffer no long term effects. You can't have it all, now can you? There were two spectacular plays in the game, one from each team. In the first half, Joe Ratcatcher, one of Hobbly's catchers, dodged two snarling orcs, picked up a loose ball, and threw it to the other catcher on his team, Freder

Sigmarzeit 7 - 8

When we were done introducing our new recruits to everyone, Lord Erik informed us that we would actually be spending the night in the town. I wasn’t sure what changed since we left, so I knew I’d have to keep and ear out. Gunther decided that we needed to get off the boat and spend a night on dry land while we had the chance. I couldn’t have agreed more. I’m not sure Starlana really cared, though. He took us to the town’s one inn, the Goblin’s Gizzard, and paid for rooms for each of us. We got settled in, and then Starlana and I headed downstairs while Gunther spent some time in prayer. We came downstairs to the sound of our new recruits bragging loudly and generally acting boisterous. They invited us to sit down, so we joined them until our meal was ready and Gunther was ready to join us. While we were waiting, Lord Erik came in with Alaric and his small retinue to get a room of his own. Henry was with him, but they were acting pretty closed-mouthed and secretive, though w

Blood Bowl Returns to Naggaroth

For over a decade, the pitches in the northern part of the New World have been desolate. Cutting grasses and dangerous new flora were long allowed to grow where human and orc, dark elf and dwarf once met in a testament of steel and skill. Blood Bowl had faded as mere survival took precedence. Things changed as of this past Monday, March 2nd 2009 when the human team of Hobbly's Heroes met with the vicious orc team, The Black Crag Skullstompas. There are hopes that a league may be reformed in the wake of the exciting game, which Hobbly's Heroes won 4 - 0. Fans are already placing bets on whether the humans dare try again, now that the orcs know how to put their helmets on the correct way. If you are in the Greater Bangor, Maine area and wish to contact us about joining a Blood Bowl league, please leave a comment below.