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Magical Item: Ram Strike Maul

Amorti is a maul, sized like a mace or a hand axe, with an iron head. Both sides of the head have a hammer, neither are spiked. The heads show little signs of use. There is some discoloration (not rust), but no scratches or dents. It will show up as a high powered magical item on a Detect Magic/Sense Magic check. WarHammer Stats: +10 WS, +2 Damage, +10 Parry, Ram Strike S times per day. This hit will break any body armor and render the part of the body hit as useless for d6 minutes. Any creature may attempt a T check to remain standing.  If the maul hits a shield on a parry, the shield will be destroyed.  The shield arm will be numb and useless for d6 minutes. The PC must declare use of the power before rolling to hit. A miss does not use up a use of the power, but the power will automatically be activated for the next hit. D&D Stats: +2 magical weapon (+2 to hit, +2 damage). Small bonus to parry, if parrying rules are used. Ram Strike STR/3 times per day.  Th

Cascade Failure Character - Engineer

The engineer came into maturity shortly after the collapse. From a young age, the engineer showed an aptitude for things mechanical. He/She learned Tassari from one of the species that visited the planet during a bout of curiosity. The engineer is really itching to help the captain restore the ship. After that, maybe the ship can take him/her somewhere that his/her talents could be appreciated and help restore an entire city. Name: _ Human Engineer Luck 15 Age 31 HP 6 AC +2 Strength 8 Dexterity 10 Constitution 9 Intelligence 14 Wisdom 15 Charisma 9 Class Abilities Machinist Engineering Expertise: Vehicle Repair Repair Golem Craft Technology Technical Understanding Light Armor Class Skills Disable Orient Weapons Training Knives Pistols Grenades Languages English Tassari Morality Adherence 2 Consensus 3 Efficiency 2 Ambitions Minor: Restore a ship to working order Major: Restore a city infrastructure to working order Worn and Carried Equipment Pistol Ballistic Vest Standard Helm

Magic Item: Spear of Repelling

Respinge is a magical spear made for use against charging opponents. There are no plusses to the weapon, but the magic is sufficient to hit any creature requiring a magical weapon to hit. It is made up of a steel head mounted to a strong wooden shaft. If an opponent charges the wielder of the spear, and the spear hits the opponent in the same round, then the charging opponent is knocked back the same number of feet/yards/squares and in the same direction from which they charged. If the spear wielder charges an opponent and hits, then the opponent is knocked back the distance that the wielder charged. The direction of the knock-back is on a continuous line from the charge of the attacker. Damage is rolled as normal for the weapon type. The knock-back magic kicks in after damage is done. It is up to the GM if the opponent has a chance to stumble and/or fall.  For simplicity’s sake, stumbles and falls were not assumed in the creation of the item.

Magic Item: Stone Dagger

Stone Dagger This item is a well-made stone dagger lashed to a solid wood hilt. There is nothing obviously magical about it, but it will show up as a moderately powered magical item on a Detect Magic/Sense Magic check. There are no plusses to the dagger, but it will allow you to hit all creatures which require a magical weapon to damage. The magic of the dagger is activated when used in combat. When this dagger is thrust into an opponent’s body, the creature stabbed is turned to stone.  There are some caveats: PCs and high level NPCs (exact definition left up to the game master) get a saving throw vs petrification. (WarHammer characters make a T check) Since the dagger must be thrust into an opponent, the hit must do 3-4 damage on a d4 (5-6 damage if your system allows daggers to use d6). Any less damage can be considered a slash. This means that a successful backstab will always activate the magical power. If the dagger is removed