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Character Profiles: Vaervenshyael II

Vaervenshyael is an elf who has a lot of talent with a sword and a bad outlook on the world. She is tired of evil, injustice, and prejudice. She doesn't wait for established law to stick up for her or what she believe in. She would rather rely on the justice of her blade. Below are advanced stat for this character. Beginning stats for the three different systems can be found here . Age : 69   Weight:  155  Height : 5'9"  Sex : F  Hair : Dark Brown  Eyes : Grey/Blue  Level : 5 Alignment:  G/CG  Description : Earring  Star Sign:  The Dancer Below are stats for WFRP 1e, WFRP 2e, and D&D 2e S&P. The Duelist  by SBraithwaite WFRP 1e   Duellist (Minimum entry stats) M  4  WS  60  BS  32  S  5  T  3  W  6  I  91*  A  2  Dex  41  Ld  37  Int  49  Cl  69  WP  42  Fel  47 IP  0  FP  1 Skills:  Dance, Disarm, Dodge Blow, Excellent Vision, Night Vision, Ride Horse, Street Fighting, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Strike to Stun Hand Weapons:  Ra

[WFRP 2e] Maximillian Interlude 4

My PC Maximillian Morningglory , Halfling Vampire Hunter Magnus  the Pony My companions Udrin Sor-Valdir  - High Elf Wizard Ludovic Hasselhoff  - Human Entertainer Durak Braksson - Dwarf NPCs Tegort  - Ogre bodyguard Sir Ortolf Eiche ("Ike") - Magister and Wizard Lord of the Azyr Wind Abelhardt Mullberger  - Journeyman Apprentice Oswin Pellensteiner - Conscripted Boatman ( Previous update ) (I was on vacation for sitting 36, but essentially Maximillian cleaned out the bilge, the crew got the ship riverworthy again, and we sailed upriver to Eldagsberg. There we had to stop because there was to be a witch burning in the morning.) The night in Eldagsen's one traveller's inn proves to be very interesting for each of you. The vodka, weak, pours cheaply and freely. Most staying in the inn are here to see the witch burn in the morning, it is the casual and oft raised to another minion of the Ruinous Powers brought to heel, by Sigmar's hand and ham

Slowly Returning

A week's physical vacation has turned into a longer virtual vacation as I recuperate. So you don't miss out any longer, here are some scenes from my time off:

Be Back Next Week

I've already got some nice posts for the next Weekly Roundup, but the next installment will be delayed. Enjoy the internet!

PortCon: D&D Next

We had Next pre-gens, we had the Next rules...and we had a DM who said he had read through them once but pretty much didn't remember any of them. We essentially played 3e, using 5e character sheets and the DM's home adventure he has run many times. I played a Gnome Druid with a charlatan background. I named him Greenleaf. I wasn't exactly sure how to merge druid and charlatan, so I mostly stuck with being a druid in a strange land. Here are some of my more druidic offerings: We were searching for the whereabouts of a girl presumed to be kidnapped. The party cleric when to inquire at the temple. Being of religious bent, Greenleaf went along too. After the cleric was in between topics with the head priest, Greenleaf suggested the stuffy church could do with some plants in some of the more open areas. The cleric was taken aback, thought about it, and then said he likes to keep the church free from allergens. He then went back to talking with the cleric. When they were done

Mini Review: Kingdoms

The board game Kingdoms can be played with 2 - 4 players. It's three rounds of strategy in building up points for yourself while trying to minimize the points of your opponent(s). You have your own keeps you can place on the board that multiply the points you earn by 1, 2, 3, or 4. Only the single multipliers return to your hand at the end of each round, so use the 2, 3, and 4s wisely. Other random tiles add, subtract, and multiply your points or block your opponent from points. What I like about the game is that it is a relatively simple strategy game that plays well with two players. However, it can be quite competitive. If your significant other doesn't like you blocking them from points or giving them negative points, you might not have as much fun with this.

PortCon: Basic D&D

The first game I played at PortCon Maine 2014 was Basic D&D. The game was player/character driven. My character, Hank, was a human priest with little personality to start. His whole concept was that he tries to subvert the evil queen by being kind and helping the oppressed populace. The party dwarf was enamored of his own beard to the point of acting like it was a sentient being. His charisma allowed him to attract followers to see his legendary beard. The places he went offered him free services for the pleasure of hosting his beard. He also had a horse, Bethany, and a bearded axe with bearded armor, fashioned after his own beard. The dwarf fell in our first battle, and my cleric was able to heal him due to a boon from his deity (the first level Basic cleric does not have healing spells). From that point on, the dwarf considered me to have saved his life. The dwarf had a hireling, a halfling torchbearer, who followed him around, held up his beard, took care of his pony, was