Advantage with Two Handed Weapons

(Reference Jason Hobbs' Random Screed: Shorter Screed 9/6/2018)

To encourage use of two handed weapons in a game where a shield can be sundered to negate damage from one attack, Jason created advantage on his damage dice (roll twice the damage dice and keep the best result). On the one hand, this sounds like a cool bonus. On the other hand, it seems to really increase the average damage from a two handed weapon. For some reason I’m hesitant to minimize the lower rolls. I’m sure I’d love it as a player. It’s only when thinking about it from a meta perspective do I wonder.

Another option: Two handed weapons get initiative bonus or able to go first in the round due to assumed reach.

Implications: With the advantage rule, a character is more likely to do more damage per hit and thereby has a higher chance for one hit kills. Regular initiative is kept, so I’d expect the enemy to strike first half the time and the character to strike first half the time. With initiative rule, a characte…

My RPG Start

(Inspired by Jason Hobbs’ Random Screed: Long Story Long 9/8/18)

As a grade schooler, my cousin tried to get me and his sister to play AD&D with him. He had the only book. I didn’t find it that interesting, and the attempt was pretty much just dropped after one try.

Fast forward a year or two, and one of my grade school friends had the Mentzer red box. I borrowed that box and read it covers to covers a couple times. I made dungeons, I recruited other friends to play after school or even at school. We had a teacher who let us have study hall type time when we were done our classwork for the day. This seemed the perfect opportunity to play with the most people. I also got my cousin to play one-on-one on the weekends.

What’s the difference between the failed AD&D attempt and the BECMI red box attempt? I think borrowing the book to read and having a book that taught you step by step was the difference. I first learned to play. Then I learned to DM. Then I learned to build a dungeo…

[WFRP 1e] The Empire Within 7

Wilfried - Human Bawd
Gottlieb - Human Ranger
Larry - Human Bawd
Wilhelm - Human Trader
Talbberry - NPC Halfling Scribe (Player absent)

(Previous Sitting - Absent)

Like it or not, the party was in Bogenhafen for Schaffenfest, coin pouches still bulging from their last job. Unwilling to waste the time, they seek employment as bounty hunters from the town councilor. He had no work for them at that time, but stated he would keep them in mind. There was naught to do but attend the Sheep Festival. The councilor reminded them they could not sell any sheep because they did not have the appropriate permits (a new trend starts).

At the festival, the first bit of entertainment they ran into was a wrestling match. Five gold to last 3 minutes, ten gold if you beat the champion! Larry accepted the challenge, and successfully beat the champion into submission with the most un-wrestling-like moves: dancing, kidney punches, and street fighting. The ringmaster payed the winner’s fee, but told Larry never to …

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 5

Martin - Human Muleskinner
Talbberry - Halfling Scribe
Larry - Human Bawd turning Bodyguard
Wilfried - Human Bawd
Wilhelm - Human Trader
Othmar - Entertainer/Bunko Artist

(Previous Sitting)

No one hits like Gascon. No one crits like Gascon. No one swings, no one swears, no one spits like Gascon.
It took the whole party piling onto Gascon to hold him down. A few tried individually, which ended with bruised ribs, bruised pride, and a halfing punted an impressive number of yards. 
No one punts like Gascon,  Drop-kicks runts like Gascon… 
The party was FINALLY able to get paid for all services rendered (the burgomeister tried to underpay us, but Wilfried was all over that money). It didn’t take long after payment was received before the party headed back toward the Altdorf Road, with a new member: Emmanuelle.

Regensdorf had requested the party to send Roadwardens their way if met on the road. The party made nominal effort at the first in, but, alas, none were to be found. (There’s no way Garcon…

Thoughts on The Midderlands

I didn't take chapter-specific notes like I often do for adventures. This book is a setting. It explains the conceit, the region, rivers, villages, and towns. The conceit is essentially warpstone (see Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) that has landed in the area, leaving creatures warped and the atmosphere green. There is an extensive bestiary of queer, unique creatures. There are a few magical items, and there is an adventure in the back.

The adventure doesn't seem to fit the setting very well, almost like it was generically written and just plopped into the back of the book. I stopped reading early on in the adventure when it didn't particularly seem to fit the Midderlands. There may be some specifics in the middle or end that shoehorn the setting in.

In all, I'd definitely give the setting a try. I wouldn't necessarily want to run it at this point, but I would really be interested in some fiction from this setting.

And the game could grow on me, since I have the seco…

Social Rules in RPGs

Role playing games (especially these days) tout 3 main ideas: Social encounters, exploration, and combat. Large sections of game books are devoted to combat rules, and what makes combat in this game better and/or easier. Key locations are fleshed out for player characters to explore: dungeons, towns, and wilderness. That leaves the final idea, the one I hear the most people complain about: social rules and a frequent lack thereof.

The reason there aren't as many social rules for D&D (an other similar RPGs) is that most players just ignore the rules in favor of their own social skills. Your character has a Charisma, Fellowship, or Leadership score? Who cares?! Players just sit down and act however they want instead of playing to their characters social abilities and social skills.  They play as smart as they want to be, as wise as they want to be, and as smooth tongued as they want to be.

And most GMs allow this.

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 4


Wilfried - Human Bawd
Gottlieb - Human Ranger
Larry - Human Bawd
Wilhelm - Human Trader
Talbberry - NPC Halfling Scribe (Player absent)

Just a small town scarecrow Living in a lonely field He took the midnight trail going anywhere
(Previous Session)

We limped back to town, with the Hunter, only recently unstunned, taking us on a few unexpected “short cuts.”

We threw the goblin heads on the table (still dripping goblin blood all over the place) and started raking in our rewards. We met a friend of Gottlieb’s from the city, Wilhelm.

Just a trader boy Born and raised in South Altdorf He took the midnight coach going anywhere
It was just then another mother came in stating her child had been taken from its cradle…in the garden…at night…in the rain. Wilhelm cast many aspersions against the mother’s parenting and the possibility she could have dispatched the child herself, but we were off to look for clues before our respite could continue.

Emmanuelle in a smoky room A smell of wine and …