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Cascade Failure RPG Captain (Print)

Capt ___ Human Outlaw Luck 13 Age 35 HP 10 AC +3 Strength 14 Dexterity 13 Constitution 16 Intelligence 13 Wisdom 17 Charisma 16 Class Abilities Improvised Medic Improvised Pilot Improvised Repair Break in Streetwise Light Armor Class Skills Deceit Disable Stealth Weapons Training Knives Rifles Pistols Grenades Batons Unarmored Languages English Lirapto (Guess what other race they will meet first...) Morality Adherence 1 Consensus 2 Efficiency 4 Ambitions Minor: Get ship into space Major: Stable stellar independence Worn and Carried Equipment Pistol Laser Pistol Ballistic Vest Combat Helmet Baton Knife Assault Rifle 2 extra pistol clips 2 extra energy cells Adrenaline stick Binoculars Crowbar Flashlight Rope (25m) The captain also has a ship...but it is not currently in his/her possession. For this reason, he/she has gathered a hand-picked group of individuals that can help him/her take back the ship, fix it up, and get

Cascade Failure Character - Captain

Here's my first pre-gen PC for my Cascade Failure game. I don't name the characters or give them a gender; I let the players do those things. I intentionally made the stats for this character high, because a captain in charge of others should have some higher than average abilities or at least a fair level all around (instead of being good at just one thing). That's all for now. I just wanted to get this posted before I had to head out to work today.

Cascade Failure Intro Adventure

As I’ve noted before, I figure to use Cascade Failure as a kind of Serenity RPG replacement. It’s rather interesting to imagine Firefly produced that way; Malcolm Reynolds doesn’t deal with the dregs of society because he’s avoiding the Alliance, he deals with them because they are the only ones left surviving after an interstellar war.   Add some more races in, and add some Reavers to Cascade Failure, and you have a perfect mash-up. Therefore, my Cascade Failure game will surely have a ship. My first adventure will just be about the ship. I figure one character can be the captain. He recruited the other characters to help him retake his ship, which has been grounded and taken over by some kind of bandits (maybe one of the Factions listed in the rules). The first adventure involves the characters getting to know each other and their mission (first hour), make their way through obstacles to get back to the ship (second hour), liberate   the ship from the bandits (third hour), and ex

Novarium Intro Adventure

I know in the rulebook it states that beginning characters should be given a Mark with a Font and sent on their merry way to adventure. However, not having had the opportunity to actually play the game yet and get an idea of what kind of things make for good adventure, I figure the best way for me to start out a brand new group playing this game would be to tell them they have been given a Mark and let them go claim the Font. The first challenge will be to find the actual Font inside the Mark. The Fonts can often be disguised, or under illusion, due to the magic seeping out into the surrounding area. The second challenge will be liberating the Font from whatever creature currently thinks it possesses it (the rulebook indicates some kind of devil might be claiming it). The final part of the introductory adventure would be cleansing the Font area. This would include taking care of any seeping, twisting eminences that might be coming from the Font. The party may then set up shop, so t