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[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 15

Martin - Human Scout Wilfried - Human Fence Gottlieb - Human Bounty Hunter Othmar - Human Charlatan Larry - Human Bodyguard Wilhelm - Human Wizard Apprentice (Previous Notes) The party headed upriver in the direction of Delberz. They were still intent on getting Wilhelm to meet his instructor so he could get more wizardry training. Only, they were halted in Grossbad due to a familiar person about to get lynched. Sailing toward a mooring in Grossbad, the party recognizes infamous card shark Philip Des Carte as he is chased through the town. Larry skillfully utilized his piloting experience to bump another boat away from the mooring before it was secure. The party then used a combination of blathering, persuasion, and intimidation to confiscate the wanted man onto their ship. Des Carte laughed with glee, despite being a bit worse for the wear. Gottlieb had roughed the man up a bit when arresting him. Philip's greatest concern, after his freedom, was the retrieval of his

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 14

(Side Note: I missed sessions 12 and 13 due to the holidays and moving.) Wilfried - Human Fence Gottlieb - Human Bounty Hunter Martin - Human Scout Othmar - Human Charlatan Wilhelm - Human Wizard Apprentice ( Previous Notes ) Wilfried wasn't sure how he made it out of Bogenhafen alive. The manor house was burning, fists were flying, and dangerous looking people were transforming into more dangerous looking daemons. However, the next thing he knew, he was alive and back on the boat floating toward Altdorf. When the literal and figurative smoke cleared, the party found themselves in another little town, looking for an apothecary who went missing. Her name was Elvira. All signs pointed toward a kidnapping, leaving Elvira in the hands of at least 3 men who had her trapped in a red barn. At the barn, Gottlieb circled around back to scout the locale. Martin and Wilfried pulled the barn doors open, while Wilhelm to magically talk down the ruffians inside. The ruffians admitt