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After the Caves of Chaos

My adventurers are at the Keep on the Borderlands and have just finished clearing out the Caves of Chaos. At one point they wanted into the keep's stronghold. Now they are thinking about leaving the keep and heading to more civilized lands where they can buy more goods (and weapons, etc.). Before they leave the Keep for good, I'm thinking about having them invade it. When the replacement PCs arrived to replace the ones who died in the Caves, they came with a caravan that was coming to strengthen the physical and influential power of the keep. If that caravan, headed by a chief rogue, were to take of the keep once let inside, then someone would be needed to set the castellan free. Who better than my PCs who wanted into the stronghold anyway? It would be a great crossover from playing Descent (as we are now) to getting back into roleplaying. I like the idea.