Pie Week, Day 1

I was thinking about breaking down Pie Week for the blog here.  I got just enough interest in it from here and from Google+ that I decided to go for it.

Day 1:
Competitor's Breakfast: Held in a field in town. Rows and rows of tabled and benched lined the field. The food included pork, bacon, pastries, bread, wine, fruits, cheese, nuts, fish, eggs, milk, vegetables, butter, and jams. Breakfast began with an introduction from the mayor.  Breakfast was served until midday.

Two hour siesta.

Event 1: Archery - The Wall Shot: The archers shot from a construction resembling a wooden picket wall. The target was a dummy dressed up like a hobgoblin in armor. Points were scored depending on the area hit. It was difficult shoot as the archer had to stand on an archer's step, looking over the makeshift wall, making it a problem to see the target properly. Six sharp arrows were allowed. All shots were long range, with appropriate negatives.  Points: Head - 5, Body - 3, 1 anywhere else.

Event 2: Archery - The Emperor's Shoot: This was a distance shot at a life-sized deer target in the standing position. The target was across a stream at long range. Points: Kill Zone (body) - 5, anywhere else - 1.

Event 3: Subdual Fights: These were regular 1 on 1 fights with all damage taken as subdual damage. The first one to take the other down to 0 Wounds (HP) won.  The town physician and his two apprentices were on hand at the arena to take care of any inadvertent injuries. 

Supper: Leftover pastries and some meats. These were distributed and served at the town's few inns and taverns. Many townfolk congregated at the inns and taverns instead of heading home after the proceedings. Merriment continued most of the evening.

Night 1: Uneventful


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