Hobbly Citizen: Paris "the Sassy"

Smack-dab in the middle of the town of Hobbly is a rather...unique...urban house with a similarly unique resident.  In the house lives one Paris, called "The Sassy*" by townsfolk due to his high-falootin' airs. Paris is a noble (WFRP career). We designated him the 7th son, meaning he has the family name but just about nothing else...except a little more money than the average resident. His urban house has a sun-room filled with plants.

When a Blood*Bowl recruiter came to town looking at local talent, Paris decided he had nothing to lose and tried out for the team. Paris is not really well liked, and the coach never hesitates to put him in the most dangerous situations, yet Paris seems to thrive in his role as a Thrower.  He has actually accomplished more than the regular starting quarterback because he's always in the midst of the action (because the coach doesn't care if he gets hurt).

It turns out Paris has a knack for throwing a football. He has been a Thrower for the team Hobbly's Heroes from its inception.  It may also be noted that Paris joined the Hobbly Pie Week festivities in the Arena's subdual fights and made it past the first round!

MA 6 ST 3 AG 3 AV 8 Skills Pass, Sure Hands, Kick-off Return, Strong Arm
Stats: 12 completions, 3 casualties, 1 game MVP

*The term "The Sassy" come from an old SNL skit with Phil Hartman and Christian Slater.

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