Magic Item: Alyssa’s Extra Eyes

This item is a small necklace with a mirror pendant. The mirror is round and approximately 1 inch in diameter. The mirror is kept magically scuff and dust free. The wearer can use the mirror normally. The real magic is used by the actual owner of the necklace.

These necklaces are owned and distributed by the weredragon Alyssa as means for her to see whatever is in front of her agents, the wearers of the necklaces.  She gives these necklaces to anyone whose progress she wishes to follow. She can use the view in the pendant to teleport items to the wearer of the necklace. She often does this while the wearer is asleep or otherwise not paying attention so that the wearer does not know of the specific power of the necklace.

If necessary (or desired), Alyssa can also use the view from the pendant to teleport herself to the viewed area.

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