[D&D 5e] Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden 17

The party left the ice fortress to check out the dead body we heard was frozen in the ice halfway up the island. The body was of Nas. It turned out she was still there in spirit, and she possessed Vael. In Vael’s body, she went after the Codicil that Ylenn had her face stuck in. When Vael couldn’t get to Ylenn, Nas possessed Prax instead. Prax also couldn’t get there, as Ylenn cast Hold Person on him, and the rest of the party dragged him away from Nas’ dead body. After he was far enough away, the spirit had to return to the dead body…which Morgan had burned to a crisp.

We got the orb containing Professor Scant from Nas’ dead body.

We circled the island, looking for the whale or another good way off. We couldn’t find one. Ylenn said she could summon the whale, if we could just last the night. We made a lean-to to sleep in and keep cover from the roc. As an octopus, Morgan was able to get some sail from a sunken ship to cover our lean-to. He also was able to find a huge treasure chest on the ship, and brought it up to the beach as a killer whale. There was a magical trident, broach, and wand inside, along with a bunch of coin.

The next day, Ylenn sent for the whale. We made it back to land, and then dogsledded to Bryn Shandyr. Vael’s armor was ready. Now he has leather, studded with chardalan. Prax was able to buy plate mail with the addition of his sunken treasure. Morgan had some jewelry made.  Thom needs for nothing and is ready to head to the Raghed Glacier!

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