Pie Week, Day 4

I was thinking about breaking down Pie Week for the blog here. I got just enough interest in it from here and from Google+ that I decided to go for it.

Day 4:
Morning: There is a rumor that some food went missing in the night. There is talk about it in the communal dining hall in the morning. "Some rascal children are sampling the pies right off our windowsills! Some pies are missing! I thought we raised our young 'uns better than that!" Investigation around the site(s) will find boot prints. The wearers of the boots have a short stride and drag their feet a lot when they walk. Trails are lost as they intersect with roads. Foot traffic from the morning has obscured all tracks along the main roads.

Archery events commence again around 1 PM in the afternoon in a field. Everyone has the morning to themselves.

Event 1: Archery - The Speed Shoot: This one is for the skilled. Archers must loose as many arrows as they can and hit the target block at long range (-10 BS with longbow and extreme range, -20 BS with short bow).  Archers should allow for up to 24 sharp arrows maximum to be shot for up to 8 rounds. Only arrows in the block score. There is no time to aim in the speed shot. Points: 1 per arrow in the circled area of target (hit). 1 additional point per arrow in the yellow center of the target (hit with -30 BS). 40 points max, if 20 arrows are shot.

Event 2: Arena - Another play!

Event 3: Blackberry Pie Cook-off!: Townsfolk were allowed to prepare any type of pie they wanted, as long as they used blackberry. The types of pie I included were black and blueberry pie, blackberry and apple, blackberry cheese pie, thickened blackberry with cinnamon, and blackberry ale pie.

Night 4: The orcs need some meat to go with their snacks. They start stealing livestock. They may be caught if people are set to watch. Multiple cows and sheep will be stolen from each farm. Many of the animals not taken will be killed, with their throats slit (for silence). Again, the orcs have come out of the tunnels they have dug into the alchemist's basement. Damien followed and killed his share of animals. Anyone watching at night might see him sneaking home all bloody.

This time, though, the thieves lead the animals through the roads, to the trail leading to Frederick's ruined cabin (Hobbly location 8), down the stream, and into the caves (location 57). If investigation returns to the cabin, animal tracks can be found. The thievery happened in the early morning, when the watch had retired to the toll houses. Tracks on the road are again obscured by morning foot traffic.

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