Hobbly Citizen: Joe Ratcatcher

In a house on the corner, close to the tavern and the weapon shop of the Hobbly lives the family of Joe the Ratcatcher.  Joe's is named after his career. As such, he used to spend his free time keeping Hobbly free of the rat menace. That was until the BloodBowl recruiting began.

It seems that Joe is not only good at catching rats, but is also good a catching a ball. He's the second most accomplished player on the team, Hobbly's Heroes.

Joe has been a Catcher for the team Hobbly's Heroes from its inception.  His son, Eddy, has been doing a fine job keeping the town rat-free in his absence.

MA 8 ST 3 AG 3 AV 7 Skills Catch, Dodge, Block, Leader
Stats: 1 completion, 9 TDs, 1 game MVP

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