Hobbly Citizens: Damien

Damien is a layabout lout who wants everything in life handed to him without him having to work for it.

As the apothecary's son, a relatively prosperous future has been set out for him, but he's not interested in the work that it's going to take to achieve.  His father is busy every hour of the day, and Damien has no interest in following in those footsteps.

However, his does expect to inherit the business' modest fortune when his father finally dies. Which is why Damien became suspicious of late when another alchemist (Danica) moved to town and started spending a lot of time working in the shop with his dad. Damien thinks his dad might turn the shop over to her instead.

The opportunity recently arose for Damien to betray his fellow townsfolk for a little shiny coin and some respect (albeit from orcs). During Hobbly Pie Week, Damien let an orc scout party into the town at night through a tunnel in his house's basement.

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