Character Profiles: Lothar Maurer

Lothar is a long-time WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay character that I started using in the first edition. He is one of the original characters created the first time our group sat down to roll up PCs. He has survived many adventures through luck and judicious use of Fate Points. He has amassed enough money to buy his own lake house in the town of Hobbly, fitting it with a strong-room.

Lothar is a human male warrior of Good alignment. He is 31 years old, 6' tall, 186 lbs with brown hair and blue eyes.

Currently a Mercenary Captain, Lothar started as a common laborer. He then became a bodyguard, then a mercenary, and then a mercenary sergeant before becoming a captain. Currently he is only a couple of advances away from the Judicial Champion of the town of Hobbly. He currently prepares for that role by acting as town protector during raids.

Feel free to port Lothar over into your current campaign when you are looking for a good-aligned, high-career fighter to actively lead a group.

Current Profile:

M 3 WS 68 BS 63 S 6 T 7 W 12 I 68 A 3 Dex 41 Ld 73 Int 34 Cl 46 WP 44 Fel 58
IP 4 FP 1

Skills: Scale Sheer Surface, Drive Cart, Ride Horse, Very Strong, Lightning Reflexes, Strike Mighty Blow, Street Fighting, Sing, Specialist Weapon: Fist, Disarm, Dodge Blow, Strike to Stun, Consume Alcohol, Gamble, Secret Language: Battle Tongue, Specialist Weapon: Lance, Heraldry, Specialist Weapon: Two-Handed Weapon.

Hand Weapons: Knife, spear, Bane Sword, Knuckle Dusters, Lance

Missile Weapons: Spear, Normal bow, Crossbow

Armor: Shield, Knight's Helm, Mail coif, Sleeved mail coat, Breastplate, Cuisse & greeves, Vambraces

Trappings: Backpack with potion of flight, blanket, flask of wine, rations, crowbar, and potion of disguise. Boots.

Other Magic: Ring = 7 Toughness (listed in profile), Silver amulet

Religion: Shallya

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