Hobbly Citizen: Jorje Farmer

In the southeast corner of the town of Hobbly is a rather large farm responsible for providing all manner of crops to the residents.  Let by the patriarch, Jorje, the men of the family (he and his 3 sons) toil long hours to provide.  However, one day something interesting happened and Jorje's life has never been the same.

A Blood*Bowl recruiter came to town looking at local talent. He had heard amazing things about the Heroes of Hobbly and was hoping to find some who wanted to play in his league. Now, the heroes were out doing heroic deeds, but he grabbed the most able-bodied in the town and took them to the pit where they could run through some plays.

It turns out Jorje Farmer has quite the knack for throwing a football. He has been the starting Thrower for the team Hobbly's Heroes from its inception. Jorje has the Pass skill, as well as Sure Hands. Through play, he has acquired quite the reputation for being Accurate.  He has thrown 10 completions and been the MVP for one game.

Other Stats:

MA 6 ST 3 AG 3 AV 8 Skills Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate

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