Pie Week, Day 3

I was thinking about breaking down Pie Week for the blog here. I got just enough interest in it from here and from Google+ that I decided to go for it.

Day 3:
Morning: Runs much like the previous day. Most people will probably sleep in a bit, followed by the awakening of those who need to get ready for a busy day. Vendors will set up around the archery site and the arena, mostly selling food, but also other local trinkets.

Archery events commence again around 1 PM in the afternoon in a field. Everyone has the morning to themselves.

Event 1: Archery - The Moving Shoot: The archer shoots at 3 targets while riding by on a horse. Archers use 6 sharp arrows, 2 arrows per target. All hits score points. All shots are in short range, the only modifier being shooting from a moving horse. If the character doesn't have Ride skill, the must make a Risk test for each arrow to be able to shoot without falling off the horse. Then they use a BS penalty of -20. Points: Body - 2, elsewhere - 1. Plus 3 points for any archer who gets all 6 hits.

Event 2: Archery - The Pottage Shoot: Targets range from a shallot hanging on a string to a large swede on a post. The smaller the vegetable, the higher the points. Distance short range with a long bow and long range with a short bow (-10 BS). Six sharp arrows are allowed. Provide a -10 BS penalty for each time the item has previously been hit. Points: Shallot - 5, onion - 4, cabbage - 3, carrots - 2, swede - 1

Event 3: Arena - Subdual Fights: The winners of day 1 fights were lined up against each other. There were 4 fights.

Event 4: Raspberry Pie Cook-off!: Townsfolk were allowed to prepare any type of pie they wanted, as long as they used blueberry. The types of pie I included were pie with whipped topping, tasteful raspberry vinaigrette topping, slightly over-zealous with sugar, raspberry cream filling, crust made with raspberry ale, and spiced open-faced.

Evening: Musicians (lute, drum, flute) at the White Wyvern Inn

Night 3: Strange shadowy shapes seen slinking around town at night. Any PCs out and about have a chance at spotting them. The shapes are orcs, and they have stolen food left to cool on windowsills. These creatures were let into the town by the current Alchemist's son, Damien. They have dug a tunnel into his basement. He is secretly a cultist. Damien lets the creatures back in when they have gathered food.

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