Day 28: D&D Character You'll Never Play Again

I can't say I've had a character so bad that I would never play them again. That even includes my priestess of Loviatar in an all-evil campaign. I would rejoin any of my characters' stories at any point I could remember leaving off.

There is one character I will never get to play again, though. He met his doom in the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, killed by a doppleganger. The DM pretty much just randomly rolled to see which of us would get killed. At least he let me play the doppleganger through to the end.

RIP Kryphon. He was a tortured soul who was heading toward a career as an assassin. The doppleganger probably saved Kryphon a lifetime of pain and sorrow.

With this post, I am done with the 30 Day D&D Challenge. I skipped a couple days in the middle, and I'm skipping the last two days. I don't think they are very interesting or evocative subjects. I hope there has been something I've posted within the last month that has been of interest to you.

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