[WFRP] Doomstones Session 2

The Reavers' Trail and The Lonely Tower.

The party met the halfling merchant and got very little from him but a copy of his map.

They were ambushed by some trolls and were in desperate straights until two ogre mercenaries showed up to help out. This encounter is not in the book, but they needed some battle experience and it sets up the ogre caves later in the campaign.

They were welcomed into the gypsy camp and spent a lot of money for a 'free' meal and drink. Also, two of the characters left married after being seduced by the young ladies (and men) of the camp.

They can crossed the river and explored the tower, finding more clues of the path the orcs took 100 years ago. It is possible for them to have a Doomstone at the end of the next sitting.

Oh, and they killed the mama bear at the tower and added her two cubs to the party. One of the PCs has Animal Training. The party now has 14 members, including the bears. Oh, and the prisoner from Crossing the Border. That's 15.

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