Day 15: Favorite D&D Undead

I can't say that I normally use too many undead outside of the skeletons and zombies written into beginning adventures. I have, however, always been a fan of vampires.

Hopefully I didn't lose you there.

This love of vampires started a long time ago, before Anne Rice, really, though she helped seal the deal. Among other powers they have, vampires are immortal. As they have to do is be smart enough to not get caught and killed. Sounds like it should be easy. It's really the immortality that attracts me. It's not that I fear death, rather I have found life to be so darned fun.

So...vampires. Blood sucking, bat and wolf controlling, hypnotizing, seductive, shape changing vampires.

Have I mentioned how much I love dragons? If not, I probably will before the week is out. Anyway, a trilogy I recently read had a vampire dragon. That has got to be one of the coolest creatures ever.

If you play a ga,e under me, don't be surprised when the vampire dragon shows up.

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